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Top 10 Phallic Superheroes

October 9, 2009
Top 10 Phallic Superheroes | Lexi Sylver

Welcome back, Lexual people.

If your penis was a superhero, what would his awesome superhero name be?

Enjoy today’s Top 10 list, featuring euphemistic names for dicks that are on a mission.

Top 10 Phallic Superheroes | Lexi Sylver

Top 10 Phallic Superheroes

10. The Muff Marauder

9. Captain Clit

8. The Anal Avenger

7. Ivan the Impregnator

6. The Incredible Bulk

5. Peter the Beaver Cleaver

4. The Purple-Headed Poon Punisher

3. The Sperminator

2. The Gushin’ Russian

1. Action Jackson

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