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Top 10 Snatch-tastic Superheroes

October 16, 2009

Welcome back!  Check out this Top 10 here or on my website!  This is a continuation of last week’s Top 10 Phallic Superheroes, which got many chuckles out of my readers!  Enjoy.

10. The Cream Lantern

9. Cat-a-Clit-smic Chick

8. Sailor Poon

7. The Hooded Squirter

6. The French Dipper

5. The Quim Queefer

4. The Crimson Curse

3. The Pink Pouncer

2. Captain Cameltoe

1. Muffy the One-Eyed-Spy Slayer

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Plus, take a peek at a special interview between Fantasia Lillith and I.  All The Queen’s Men was inspired by one of her reader’s challenges!

Check back Sunday for my new Position of the Week!



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