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Top 10 “That’s What She Said!” Moments at Work

December 4, 2009

Hi everyone!  Welcome back!  Here’s Friday’s Top 10 List.  Read it below or check it out on my website! Enjoy!

Top 10 “That’s What She Said!” Moments at Work

10. (Referring to a colleague’s pen)
“I think it exploded in your pocket…”

9. “I can’t believe you won the office football pool this week.”
“Easiest fifty bucks I ever made.”

8. “Where do you want it sent?”
“It’s best if you deliver it in the back door, if you can squeeze it through the slot.”

7. “So yesterday’s agenda get recycled and the new one goes where?”
“Come on, use your head and figure out where to stick it!”

6. (The computer technician on the phone with an office assistant about a plug.)
“You have to pull out the big black one, but be careful.  You could get quite a shock.”

5. “Do you think the boss is pissed off?”
“Well he DID pull out of there pretty quick.”

4. “You’d better clean up that coffee you spilled!”
“You actually want me to get down on my knees to do it in front of everyone?”

3. (A boss to her male employee, who’s trying impatiently to show her a paper.)
“Stop waving that thing in my face!”

2. (Replacing printer toner)
“Try jamming it up in there as far as you can.  All the way up to your elbow.”

1. “What if we want to enter a new market?”
“You have to penetrate it properly the first time, or else it’ll never open up for you again.”

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Have a great weekend; stop by Sunday for another hot sex position of the week!



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