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Top 10 Places on Your Sex Bucket List

April 12, 2013

Welcome back, sexy readers.

Today I present you the Top 10 Places you should add to your Sex Bucket List.

Feel free to add your comments below. 😉

Enjoy & have a Lexi weekend!

Top 10 Places on Your Sex Bucket List

10. On a parade float. While it’s moving.

9. Underwater while scuba diving.

8. In the Oval Office at the White House. While making an amateur adult video worthy of winning AVN awards for best newcomers. Puns intended.

7. Rocking the boat – any kind of boat – in the middle of the water with no shoreline in sight. Bonus if there’s a storm brewing.

6. Backstage during a concert. With your favorite performer. While the rest of the band waits and plays in their absence.

5. During a helicopter ride. Before jumping out to ski/snowboard on a massive mountain.

4. While skydiving. Film evidence required.

3. In the legendary “grotto” at the Playboy Mansion.

2. On a plane. In the cockpit. With the captain.

1. In the back seat of a cop car.

Where/what would you add to your sex bucket list? Comment here below, on Facebook or Twitter!


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