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Top 10 Things You Don’t Want To Find In Her Secret Drawer

May 31, 2013

Start off your Lexual weekend with a Friday giggle, brought to you by my new Top 10 list! Enjoy…

Top 10 Things You Don't Want To Find In Her Secret Drawer by Lexi Sylver

10. Condoms that won’t fit you.

9. A massive stack of crumpled $1 bills.

8. Various credit cards that definitely don’t belong to her… including one with your name on it.

7. An old scrapbook with “My Dream Wedding” written on the cover, stuffed full of magazine cutouts.

6. Positive pregnancy test.

5. Positive STD test results.

4. A secret cell phone filled with names like Big John, Foot Fetish Fred and Layover Larry.

3. A book entitled “Loving Your New Vagina: What You Need To Know Post-Op”.

2. The Twilight series… all the books AND DVDs.

1. The biggest black dildo you’ve ever seen.

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