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Top 10 Things You Don’t Want To Find In His Secret Drawer

June 7, 2013

Welcome back, sexy readers!

Let me pleasure you with today’s Friday fix: Top Ten Things You Don’t Want to Find In His Secret Drawer

 Top 10 Things You Don't Want To Find In His Secret Drawer by Lexi Sylver

10. A recent restraining order against his ex-girlfriend

9. A completed order form for a Russian “bride”

8. Assorted magazines like Cleveland Steamer Monthly and For The Love of Beasts

7. Various hair samples, individually wrapped in plastic baggies

6. His last income tax statement, showing that he’s broke and unemployed

5. A pamphlet about ways to combat a sex addiction, with another woman’s phone number scribbled on it

4. A sexy photo of your mother/sister/aunt/best friend

3. Erotic photos of him and your ex-boyfriend

2. A pair of lacy women’s underwear that doesn’t belong to you

1. A stack of DVD home videos of you and him having sex, recorded without your knowledge

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