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Top 10 Sassy Pick-Up Lines And Rejections

June 21, 2013

Welcome back, sexy readers.

It’s been quite a week, having entertained erotic writer Leanna Harrow in Lexi’s Literati Lounge, which in case you haven’t yet heard, is my new playground. It’s where I’ll be interviewing erotic people of interest, and sharing their news, stories or excerpts with you. On Wednesday, Leanna also featured me on her blog “Today’s Tease”, which included a sexy interview and my short erotic story Any Vixen Sunday, which is Leanna’s favorite of my erotica… so far!

Now it’s, time for another one of my Top 10 lists. Enjoy Top 10 Sassy Pick-Up Lines And Rejections. Really, it’s more like a Top 20.

Top 10 Sassy Pick-Up Lines and Rejections by Lexi Sylver

10. Hey baby, I think you just made my two-by-four into a four-by-eight.
Perfect, I’ll have something bigger to feed to my termites.

9. I have a dictionary in my pants. Come back to my place and put some words in your mouth.
I doubt your mini pocket dictionary could satisfy my vernacular needs.

8. Want to wrestle my purple-headed warrior? If you can get him to stay down, you win.
I don’t know about wrestling, but I have a Samurai sword that’s freshly sharpened.

7. Care to join me for dinner? You can butter my corn.
Great, I can try out my new set of cob holders.

6. Why don’t you and I go back to my warehouse and you can help me liquidate my inventory.
I don’t touch damaged goods.

5. Are you religious? I’m the answer to your prayers.
Thanks, you’ve just validated my reasons for being atheist.

4. Why don’t you get down on your knees and smile like a doughnut?
For you, I’d only need to smile like a Cheerio.

3. (At the office copy machine) Reproducing, eh? Can I help?
I’d rather do it myself.

2. Want to play army? I’ll lay down and you can blow the hell out of me.
What a coincidence. I have an extra body bag in my car.

1. Did you clean your pants with Windex? I can practically see myself in them.
Then you can see there’s already one asshole in there.

Share your own sassy pick-up lines and rejections by commenting below. I also always enjoy when you get in touch with me on Facebook, Twitter or email!

Have a Lexi weekend, and see you Monday for my second edition of Lexi’s Literati Lounge. I’ll have the young & talented Violet Veidt on my couch, so be sure to join us.

Lexi xxx

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