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Wednesday, 19th June, 2019

Position of the Week: the Jigsaw Sidestraddle

Welcome back to the newest installment of the Position of the Week!
Be prepared to implement this move– it’s a hot way to sexperiment while increasing your intimacy.

The Jigsaw Sidestraddle

How to do it: As she lies on her side facing you, straddle her bottom leg while she places her top leg around your waist.  You should be completely intertwined, fitting together like two puzzle pieces.

Why it’s awesome: The friction of your bodies being so closely pressed together feels fantastic– especially for her.  He can grab onto her ass as he thrusts.  For a tighter squeeze, have her clench her outside thigh against your hips.  For deeper access, he can raise your leg up higher.  (If you’re a very flexible diva, you can bring your leg up towards your shoulder.)

How to kink it up:

If your partner is game, this position if great to experiment with some rear-entry action.  DO ask first to ensure they are comfortable, otherwise the moment could get very awkward!  Lube up your fingers and start just by rubbing the rim of the butt hole.  If this elicits a good reaction, start to insert one digit inside, slowly.  Add fingers/increase depth as desired.  (Wash up well after!)


For the men: Instead of conventional in-and-out thrusting, you can try to slowly swivel your hips in circles, grinding against her clit and rubbing her G-spot just the right way.

For the ladies: Reach around behind his balls (you can grab/rub/tug those too) and rub his perineum in a circular motion or just tapping it in rhythm with his thrusts.

Be sure to add this one to your TO-DO list!

If you have a position you’d like to share with everyone, let me know.

Have a sexy week, and see you Wednesday for another erotic short story!


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Position of the Week: Reverse Cowgirl

Welcome, Lexual people!  Today I offer you a classic sex position you can work into your routine if you don’t already!

The Reverse Cowgirl

This sexy version of girl-on-top-meets-doggy-style gives him a great view of your rear assets as you ride him backward.

As most of us know, men are very visually stimulated. Whether he’s sitting up against the headboard, couch or car seat, or just lying down, he gets to watch your backside (which he finds sexy, even if you don’t) as well as all the in-and-out action going on.  Plus, while you’re grinding and swiveling your hips or bouncing up and down, he can reach around and massage your clitoris (if you’re not doing it yourself already), and let his hands freely roam over your breasts.  This also gives you easy access to reach his package and give him a gentle tug every now and then.

To up the kink a bit more, you can opt to do this in front of a mirror, so he can see ALL of the goods, plus you can see the ecstatic expression on his face (super gratifying!).  Or start off with a sexy striptease, leading to your XXX-rated lap dance.  It’s fun for everyone, and perfect if you’re looking to turn up the heat a few notches.

See you Wednesday with my next story ready for you!

If you have a great sex move/position, and want to showcase it in another Position of the Week, I’d love to hear it.


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