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Top 10 Dirty News Headline Fails

March 29, 2013

When the headlines are more news-worthy than the stories themselves… 


Results of New Study Hard to Swallow
I think this image may actually be worse than the headline.


Tiger Woods Plays With Own Balls, Nike Says

Probably written before we learned that Tiger was “addicted” to having other people do this for him.


Clinton Licks Beavers
Wonder if this behavior is considered out of the realm of sexual relations…


 A-Rod goes deep, Wang hurtSounds like the caption of a man-on-man porno flick.


Alec's lover girl fingered in court
…and she seems to be giving a demonstration of how it all went down…


 Sorority gets wet; frat gets hammered

Sounds more like Rush week than a post-hurricane cleanup.


Girls School Still Offering Something Special - Head

Is this supposed to reassure parents that their daughters are in an enriching academic environment?


 Republicans turned off by size of Obama's package

Surely they’re just jealous because his stimulus is bigger than theirs.


Butler handjob Gives Wheatley Semi
What a winner!


 Condom truck tips, spills load
Too good to be purely an accident!

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