Get Tantric! Tantra For Awakening Weekend Workshop June 28-30

June 26, 2013

Welcome back, fellow pleasure-seekers.

It’s time to get tantric!

Tantric Awakening - Tantra - Monde Ose - Lexi SylverMy friend Frank Mondeose, erotic host and self-professed “spiritual playboy”, has organized a Tantric weekend for your pleasure. If you don’t know Frank, you’ll meet him soon in Lexi’s Literati Lounge for a more in-depth interview, but for now here’s what you should know. He’s the President of Monde Osé, which is a Montreal-based lifestyle brand focused on promoting life, love and sensuality through performance art dance events. They’ve been hosting erotic events since 2005, including popular erotic parties like the Burlesque Ball (next one’s in Toronto on July 20) and the Bal Erotique (next one’s September 1 in Montreal and I’m definitely going to be there). As though he hasn’t been busy enough, Frank has also been organizing Tantra-related workshops and events… like this one!

Awakening the Ecstatic Body Weekend is this weekend, and you should be there. It’s happening in downtown Montreal, and welcomes beginners and experienced students of Tantra. This workshop is assured to be amazing: Frank organized it, and the workshop will be facilitated by his Tantric mentor/teacher Crystal Dawn Morris, a Certified SkyDancing Tantra Teacher.

There are only 8 spots still available for this weekend, which already has upwards of 30 people reserved and eager to embark on a Tantric journey.

The awakening begins Friday night with a “Heart-opening Tantric Puja”, which is open to all (please email info@mondeose.com to reserve your space), so people can experience a taste of the workshop. According to the official website, “A Puja is a guided group exercise which helps you learn how to read and experience subtle energy with various partners in the group. This is the first step in expanding your consciousness around sexuality.”

 Saturday and Sunday: Awakening the Ecstatic Body Weekend: From Sexual Union to Spiritual Communion, where you’ll be:
  • Exploring Masculine and Feminine Energy
  • Defining Love, Romance and Sexual Polarity
  • Discovering Non-Duality as a Path of Awakening
  • Practicing Self-inquiry and Open the Deeper Truth
  • Experiencing Merging with the Divine in a Tantric Ritual

Click here for more details & pricing & to sign up for this enlightening and life-changing workshop while there’s still room available!

Bal Erotique Monde Ose Montreal Lexi Sylver

Connect with Monde Ose on Facebook, Twitter and Vimeo, so you know what naughty things they’ll be up to next.

Stay tuned for tomorrow: I have a delicious surprise for all of you on my website!

Have a Lexi night,



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