Caught On Camera: Man With Hand Down Girlfriend’s Shorts at Lollapalooza

August 6, 2013

It’s good to know that sex and rock and roll are still inextricably linked.

At Lollapalooza recently, one couple decided to revive this sexy combination during the set of a Dog Blood concert. A cameraman for the music website The Dankles photographed the couple involved in what Gawker called “some heavy petting” while enjoying themselves in the front row. In other words, the man had his hand down his girlfriend’s shorts and was fingering her as they grooved out to the music.  That, or he was simply finding a warm and moist resting place for his hand…

Couple Caught on Camera Fooling Around at Lollapalooza

The photo enjoyed some short-lived popularity on The Dankles Facebook page, until it was replaced with a message: “Don’t do that shit in the middle of the day with thousands of people around you. Sorry, but also very not sorry.”

I concur, but I’m still quite amused by this very public display of affection, especially after last week’s story that a man got caught on camera, receiving a blow job from his girlfriend at a men’s volleyball game.

It also still surprises me that even though everyone knows and seems to realize that anyone with a cell phone also has a camera, exhibitionism at these very public events seems to be at an all-time high.

Or, maybe that just means there are more perverts carrying cameras, looking for those PDAs to exploit.

Have you ever fooled around in public? Would you ever mess around if you knew other people were watching?

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Gawker Article: Music Site Shames Couple Caught Heavy Petting at Lollapalooza


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