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Quickie Time: New Ultra-Short Erotica

September 11, 2013

Time for another Quickie. Definitely just the recipe for sex-cess you need on any Hump Day.

Enjoy my latest, Quickie #3. I haven’t given them names yet.

It’s unfair the way you call me, your deep voice thick with honeyed promises of our next encounter, listening as I pleasure myself, moaning loudly into the phone. Then you rush off the line, knowing you’ve tortured me enough for today. But my mind is filled with thoughts of how I can torture you instead.

Leah Francis in Sexy Lingerie on Top of Desk

I’d show up at your office, dressed in a white button-down blouse, transparent enough to glimpse my lace turquoise bra underneath. The hem of my short pleated black skirt grazes my bare, mid-thighs, my legs lengthened by black high heels. Your secretary, who I know is desperate for you to bend her over your desk after hours, gives me a jealous look as I enter your office without invitation and close the door behind me.

You’re sitting behind your desk, dressed like a true professional, looking inevitably sexy in your black suit and tie with a blood red shirt to intensify your effect. But when I enter, I watch you gasp and lose some of your composure, your eyes darkening. You weren’t expecting me to be here. We just spoke on the phone. Your voice just brought me to climax in the driver’s seat of my car, as I was parked outside of your office.

I watch your heated stare follow me as I saunter toward your desk, bending over the front of it to give you a peek at my breasts, waiting for you to try and kiss me or grab me. And when your lips are right in front of mine, I push you away, stand from your desk, then come around the other side. I hear your growl, and it emboldens me. I know your cock has been throbbing since our conversation and you’re ready to hit your peak. But not yet.

I have a meeting right now,” you remind me as you did before, remembering you’re not dreaming. I acknowledge this with a nod and lift my skirt, revealing my bare snatch, which is glistening with wetness from my orgasm. 8014 Working Late by Dreamgirl |

Oh my God,” you say, licking your lips hungrily, as I bring your hand between my thighs, letting your fingers stroke me for a brief second, just to feel the wetness firsthand.

Someone knocks on the door, and I watch you suck your fingers to taste me. I give you a devilish look as I position myself underneath your desk, on my knees on the soft carpeting. You stand up to greet your potential clients, your massive bulge partially hidden behind your desk. I start rubbing your cock through your pants, impressed at the sheer size of you as always, and craving your velvety hardness on my tongue and in my mouth.

Nobody hears as I unzip your pants with my teeth, with deliberate slowness, revealing your naked flesh to me, reminding me of your aversion to underwear. I watch you harden even more, reacting to my hot breath on your cock. I take you into my hands, open my mouth and bring my lips over the silky head, rolling my tongue around it as I encase you deeper into my mouth, until you’re pressing into the back of my throat.

I feel your fingers tangle in my hair, trying to keep your calm as you feel yourself break a sweat from the restraint. I note the quiver in your thighs as you try not to thrust your hips upward to meet the rhythm of my sucking and devouring.

I surface for air, every inch of your cock now wet my saliva dripping down your cock and balls. The sight of it makes my clit throb relentlessly, and I rub her with one hand as I continue to slurp wetly over your cock and balls. I hear your voice occasionally crack as you run your meeting, making me feel even more devilish.

Still on my knees under your desk, I do a 180 until my back is to you, arch my back so my ass is lifted in the air, at the same level as your chair, which you’ve lowered to try to be more discreet. I grab your cock at the root, encircling your girth and pulling you slightly until you understand and advance to sit more on the edge of your chair.

I tease you by rubbing the head of your cock against my wet pussy lips. I feel your fingers clench my ass, as though trying to make me stop. But I want to draw it out, to see how far I can take it.

… and then I penetrate myself on your cock. You cover up your gasp with a cough, because you’re not expecting to feel my wet and tight little pussy squeezing your shaft. I try to control myself as i grind, slowly yet deeply, on your cock, with my wetness coating your shaft and balls. I bite down on my lip to keep from moaning as I fuck you slowly, exquisitely torturing both of us.

When your guests leave, you pretend you have to make an urgent phone call, because you can’t get up to see them out. The door closes. With your cock still inside me, you pull me to my feet, bending me over your desk. With my hair in your hand, and the other hand gripping onto my hips, you start pumping your cock inside me with long, deep strokes. I know you’re controlling yourself, ready to come but needing my orgasm to complete you first.

We don’t have to wait long. I feel completely unrestrained, brought to the brink by your hard slaps on my ass and thighs, as though you want to leave a permanent mark on me, to make me yours. My pussy starts contracting around you, but you keep thrusting into me deeply until my spasms subside. Then you withdraw your cock from me and spill your hot come all over my round ass…

Did you enjoy my Quickie?

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  1. Dr Rich

    September 4, 2019 at 12:03 pm Reply

    Yes, I enjoyed it very much. Unfortunately it really distracted me from the serious work I had intended to do this afternoon:)

    1. Lexi Sylver

      November 12, 2019 at 6:06 pm Reply

      HAHA!!! I’ll take the blame, even though I’m sure you LOVED being distracted. Come back for more distractions soon!

      1. Rich Blonna

        November 12, 2019 at 6:41 pm Reply

        Can’t wait 😉

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