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Lexi Sylver Does Cap d’Agde 2018: Teaser

July 17, 2018
Lexi Sylver with L'Orage Club and SDC at Cap d'Agde 2018 | SDC Wedding Ceremony Night

Welcome back to my playground, Lexual people.

I recently returned from one of the best trips of my life, so naturally, I needed to share some of the Lexcellent news with all of you.

Along with a few of my favorite perverts – er, friends – from l’Orage Club in Montreal, we headed to the paradise that was Cap d’Agde, embarking on an adventure of sextravagant proportions at the SDC Takeover of Cap.

And, as tends to happen when in my troublemaking company, mischief ensued.

Lexi Sylver with L'Orage Club and SDC at Cap d'Agde 2018 | SDC Wedding Ceremony Night
Lexi Sylver with L’Orage Club and SDC at Cap d’Agde 2018 | SDC Wedding Ceremony Night

Cap d’Agde is a nudist village in the south of France, complete with a nude beach (including a kinky area at the far end of the beach for us erotic curiosos and voyeurs!).

It was totally surreal to see people walking around the streets of Cap naked, shopping in boutiques and eating at restaurants fully nude or wearing only the slightest shreds of clothing.

The most exceptional element of being in Cap d’Agde – for me, at least —  is the feeling of total liberation that I experienced. With everyone around me unclothed, of all ages, shapes, and sizes, I quickly shed any lingering sentiments of insecurity – and it began to feel incredibly normal to be in my natural, nude state.

SO normal, in fact, that ever since we left Cap d’Agde, it actually feels abnormal to wear clothing.

We stayed at Le Jardin d’Eden during the SDC takeover (which also included the resort at Le Jardin de Babylone), and indulged in the splendor of our environs, as well as the spectacular view created by all the nude guests.

Sex and erotic play are encouraged virtually everywhere at Eden and Babylone – an openness that is characteristically European in flavor, which only amplified the spirit of sexual liberation shared among all the guests.

The legendary pink pools at Le Jardin d'Eden in Cap d'Agde, France | SDC Takeover 2018 | Lexi Sylver
The legendary naked pink pools at Le Jardin d’Eden in Cap d’Agde, France | SDC Takeover 2018

While there was certainly an abundance of riches of the flesh, my sapiosexual self was equally intrigued to meet all the fascinating, open-minded couples who had traveled there from around the world, all coming together in this safe space where they could explore themselves and their relationship – without judgement.

It was a nonstop party, with five days and five nights of frisky festivities. We all ate and drank together, partied and danced together at each of the theme nights (flawlessly executed by the SDC team, as per usual), entertained each other and ourselves with a multitude of erotic activities, and explored the restaurants, bars, clubs, and boutiques that Cap has to offer.

There are far too many highlights of my unforgettable trip to recount in this single blog, but I promise to share some erotic stories of the debauchery very, very soon…

For now, just check out some of the fun on my Facebook page!

Stay Lexual,



P.S. Click here for more info about upcoming SDC travel events – with the Caribbean Cruise coming up in December 2018! See you there…


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