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#MondayMasturbation: The NEW Womanizer Premium

August 13, 2018
Womanizer Premium Sex Toy | Lexi Sylver on Instagram

Welcome back to my playground, perverts.

Just thought I’d keep all you sexy folks up to date with my comings and goings.

Today was a rough day at the office, what with having to sexperiment with a new sex toy from Womanizer – just because I love my friends Carol and David from The Sexy Lifestyle.

At a fruitful business meeting we had last week, Carol and David asked me to put the Womanizer Premium to the test, and will soon be hosting my review on their radio show, The Sexy Lifestyle, on soon, at which point I’ll tell them all about my sexperiences with this pleasure device.

So I spent a bit of quality time with the Womanizer. Went through the motions, tried all the features and settings. Really made her work for me. You know, sex toy product testing is a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it, right?

I never realized how much willpower I truly possess, because after only 15 minutes with the Womanizer Premium and several surprisingly quick orgasms later, I was still feeling incredibly feisty and wanted to continue playing…


But I had much more pressing work to do today, like getting a new erotic short story ready for you all to indulge in soon, and prepping for a big and exciting announcement about Lexi Sylver – which I’ll be making within the next few weeks!!!

So, as I am a female entrepreneur in charge of my own destiny, I had NO CHOICE but to turn off the Womanizer (quite grudgingly) and add my (SPOILER ALERT!) new favorite pleasure device to one of my big box o’ sex toys in my closet.

To say that I’m a sex toy enthusiast is truly the understatement of the year. My kink closet is teeming with vibrators and dildos and miscellaneous sex gadgets, to say nothing of my lingerie collection. These things do tend to accumulate quickly for a naughty little kinkster like myself. Especially since I do personally test out each of the products available in my Lexi Sylver shop, for quality control purposes, of course. That’s right – the Womanizer Premium will soon be available for sale on my site!

That’s okay, though. The problem will surely be solved when I eventually move into a bigger place and expand my closet space. Clearly, that’s the most logical solution here.

All this is just a little bit of a tease for you as you await the full review of the Womanizer Premium, and much more news coming really, really soon.

Until then… just keep waiting.

And check me out on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for more saucy tidbits.

Impatiently yours,


P.S. My reward for a hard day’s work will be taking out the Womanizer again and indulging in a few more orgasms before I slip into naughty dreamland…


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