I’m definitely adding a bunch of these words to my Lexicon!

This humorous blog via demilked.com  features new words that work perfectly with our complicated, modern world.

You might find yourself starting to use them after seeing how appropriate they are.

Here are some of my favorites.

new-modern-funny-random-words-portmanteaus-21 new-modern-funny-random-words-portmanteaus-15 new-modern-funny-random-words-portmanteaus-25 new-modern-funny-random-words-portmanteaus-16 new-modern-funny-random-words-portmanteaus-12 new-modern-funny-random-words-portmanteaus-23 new-modern-funny-random-words-portmanteaus-27

Check them all out here.

See you all soon, Lexual people!



PS This blog was originally posted May 6, 2015.