Stuff her full of pleasure – because orgasms are the best gift of all. 

Welcome back to my playground, fellow pervs, where I’m prepping for an abundantly kinky holiday season.

This creative sex position is inspired by as session with one of my submissive female lovers.

There I was, I was on my knees, fucking her from behind with my strap-on. I stripped one of the sheer stockings she was wearing and gagged her mouth with it, grabbing each end of the stocking with one hand behind her head and pulling her head back. This made her almost lean back on her knees behind me, head back on my shoulder.

It felt much more intimate than doggy-style sex, as I could feel the heat of her skin on mine, and I had full control of her. I then used her other stocking to bind her wrists together in front of her so she couldn’t reach back, letting her focus on the pleasure.

From behind her, I could bite and kiss her neck, and while one hand was holding the stocking, my other hand was free to roam around the front of her to play with her clit.

She loved it so much, she’s been begging me to do that over and over and over again.

And, done right, your lover will beg you for more, too.

Here’s how to have some kinky holiday sex of your own with this festive sex position.

The Stocking Stuffer

What it is:

A kinky yet intimate variation of doggy-style sex, making your partner feel extra submissive by stuffing their mouth and pulling their head back as you fuck them.

Why it’s hot:

Doggy-style sex offers incredible G-spot stimulation for your partner with a G-spot. If you’re doing this move during anal sex, the angle is great for getting at their G-spot from across those delicate walls, or providing P-spot stimulation for your partner with a prostate.

Plus, with the front of their body exposed, you can reach around and play with their hot spots (clit, penis, balls, nipples) at the same time as you fuck them. 

I do this for strap-on sex with my female partners, but you can also do this for anal sex with any partner. Pegging and prostate play with some reach-around action, anyone? If you’re new to the pleasures of anal stimulation, check out my beginner’s guide to anal play blog here.

Gagging or choking your submissive adds an element of power play, if you have some kinks to get out… just make sure you have their consent first.

Hygiene note: If you switch between vaginal and anal sex within the same session, make sure you change the condom in between to prevent bacteria from entering her vagina and potentially causing an infection.

How to do it:

It’s simple. Position yourselves on a comfortable, flat surface with you behind your partner, as though you’re about to fuck them doggy style, with both of you on your knees and your bodies close together.

Depending on the size of your partner, do whatever feels most comfortable – with their legs or your legs to the outside. Keeping their legs closer together will add extra friction – keeping your partner’s legs apart and to the outside will give you more access to play with your partner manually.

Then penetrate your partner – as though they’re sitting back on your cock / strap-on – but with you driving the thrusts. You’re in control, and don’t let your sexy submissive forget that!

You can use a stocking (as I did), a gag ball, a pair of panties, or really anything to put into your submissive’s mouth. Then with one hand, grab both ends of the gag around the back of their head and hold onto them while you’re fucking them.

If you want, you can tie up both ends of the gag to leave both of your hands free, or you can simply shove the stocking into their mouth without holding on it to muffle their cries of pleasure.

How to kink it up:

Grab their hair: With your partner so close to you, you can entwine your fingers at the root of their hair and pull backwards so they obey you. It’s more intimate than grabbing their hair because you’re also stimulating their scalp, which has lots of nerve endings and feels fantastic.

Wrap a hand around your sub’s neck: If your partner’s into it, put a rough choke hold on them while you’re fucking them. But make sure to let them BREATHE (or get kinky with some consensual erotic asphyxiation). Consent and safe words here are a MUST.

Use a collar and leash on your submissive to control them and give them a delectable feeling of total submission.

Whisper filthy things in their ear: Dirty talk never goes out of style. Remind your sub exactly who the boss is with some XXX-rated language that’s perfect for your role play.

Add sex toys

If your partner has a vulva, play with their clit and labia: With their clit exposed to you, you can reach around and stimulate the sensitive nub with your fingers or a vibrator. If you’re fucking their ass in this position (which feels sooooo good, too), you can also slide a vibrator into your partner’s vagina to give them some double penetration.

Play with their cock: If you’re pegging your partner, you can stroke their cock and add a vibrating cock ring or use a masturbation sleeve to deliver even more explosive pleasure.

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Happy Holidays, my Lexual friends!


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