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Tuesday, 30th March, 2021

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  1. Catherine James

    July 29, 2019 at 7:16 am Reply

    HotWifing Advice Needed!

    My name is Catherine James and I’m a 39-year-old sexy married woman. In exchange for a costly 34 Full D silicone breast augmentation I had early this spring, I agreed to satisfy my husbands fantasy of me fucking another man.

    I had a mommy makeover, in addition to the silicone breast augmentation, I begin to totally wax my pussy, begin wearing 1 inch past my fingertips alluring red acrylic nails, I saw a make up coach and began to do my make up provocatively with long upper and lower black false eyelashes. I began to dress provocatively at the office and whenever leaving the house, wearing black garter belt and black seamed expensive sheer nylon stockings with the reinforced heel, or black seamed fishnet stockings with my very short designer business suits. I also now wear black underwire 1/4 cup shelf bras to reveal my nipples (when appropriate) since I don’t need much support after my augmentation.

    I am tall and 5 foot eight, and a slender very very leggy 124 pounds. The transformation has left me looking like a slutty model which intrigues me. I enjoy the attention I’m now getting from men and women.

    Although I acted as if I was doing this just to satisfy my husbands desires and two for fill my end of the agreement, I am secretly extremely excited about feeling another man’s prick inside my pussy. My husband is the only man I have ever fucked before.

    That was part of my new dominatrix hot wife persona, I lock my husband in a metal chastity device with the urethral tube 24 seven and deny him sex or masturbation. I also use the whip on him regularly. I’m enjoying it all.

    Is my enthusiastic response to all these changes on usual. I have a date with a man I met at the office this upcoming Saturday night and will sleep over with him. We both got tested as I prefer sex without a condom. Who doesn’t?!

    Honestly I can’t believe how fortunate I am as a wife with my husbands permission to fuck other men and also other women. I am bisexual.

    For health reasons I have milkEd my husband with a prostate vibrator to relieve congestion but continue to deny him sex or masturbation. It’s amazing how compliant a man is when you control his orgasms LOL! Bud locking him up his left me quite horny and desiring sex with other men.

    Is my situation a typical or unusual? I’m feeling quite isolated about all these arrangements and wondered how others view this arrangement.


    Catherine James

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