Halloween Sex Position: The Hellraiser

Happy Halloween, Lexual people! In…
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Cheryl Besner Pillow Talk Podcast featuring Lexi Sylver

Spooky Sex?! Listen To Me Tonight on Pillow Talk with Cheryl

Welcome back, Lexual people! Tonight,…
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Stop Faking Orgasms | Sex Advice From Lexi Sylver

Stop Faking Orgasms! How “Fauxgasms” Can Ruin Your Sex Life

What’s the point in pretending…
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Are You A Sex God or Goddess? Listen To My New Podcast!

Master your sexual domain with…
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IT’S LAUNCH DAY! My NEW Sex Podcast starts TODAY!

Today’s the Day! My new…
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Taboo Sex Talk With Lexi Sylver | The Sexy Lifestyle with Carol and David

Taboo Sex Talk with Lexi Sylver

Welcome back, Lexual people! Did…
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Top 10 Euphemisms for Masturbation | Lexi Sylver

Top 10 Euphemisms for Masturbation

Happy Hump Day, my Lexual…
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Modern Words You’ll Love to Use

I’m definitely adding a bunch…
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Sex Down South 2018 | Atlanta, Georgia | Lexi Sylver

Sex Down South Conference 2018 in Atlanta: REBEL!

Lexi Sylver here, reporting live…
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BDSM Sex Toys Cabinet | The Upper Floor | Kink.com BDSM studios tour | San Francisco Armory | Lexi Sylver

Inside the Kink.com BDSM Porn Studios: Throwback Thursday

[Update August 2018: In 2017,…
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