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Wednesday, 27th March, 2019
Confidence and Sexuality Lexi Sylver

The Sexual Revolution Starts Now: A New Era of Sexuality

The era of shameless sex has arrived, and it’s all about shattering social stigmas and exploring taboos.

Carol and David of The Sexy Lifestyle invited me and Jean from SDC to record a podcast with them, celebrating their 2nd year of podcasting as The Sexy Lifestyle.

It was also a great chance for us to talk about how both of our platforms, The Sexy Lifestyle Network as well as, are changing the way people think about sex, and the way they access reliable information about sexuality, relationships and health.

If you’ve been seeking a wealth of trustworthy information about sex, pleasure, relationships and health, our two major platforms and The Sexy Lifestyle Network are becoming the new leaders to change the way adults think and learn about sex.

Together, we’re bringing you podcasts, videos and articles that cover every possible topic in the ever-changing sexual landscape, sprinkled with some exciting personal real-life experiences of our own.

Carol and David The Sexy Lifestyle Lexi Sylver SDC Podcast Sexual Revolution

In this special episode celebrating the second anniversary of Carol and David’s The Sexy Lifestyle podcast, Carol and I co-host our round table discussion with our guests David and Jean, to talk about how our networks have joined forces with sex, relationship and health experts around the world.

Tonight, we explore important subjects like threesomes, the erotic lifestyle, bisexuality, and more taboos in this one-of-a-kind episode to honor the diversity and importance of sexuality.

I had such a fun time recording with Carol and David, as usual, but even more rewarding was knowing that we truly are making a difference in the way people feel about their sexuality, encouraging them to talk about their sexuality even more openly with others – especially their partners, and to not be shy seeking out information when they don’t know the answers. Now we’re here to help provide all that information in one place, where you can check out articles, podcasts and videos from honest, reliable and trusted clinicians, doctors, bloggers and more from all around the world.

So give it a listen tonight at 5 PM PST / 8 PM EST and hear how we’re helping create a revolution in sex – and how you can become a part of it, too.

If you missed tonight’s or last week’s episode of my podcast, you can still listen on: 
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Until next time, Stay Lexual and find me on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram!

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SDC L'Orage Salon de l'Amour et de la Seduction 2019 | Lexi Sylver

Making History at The Salon de l’Amour et de la Séduction

Welcome back to my playground, Lexual people.

This past weekend, from January 18-20, 2019, The Place Bonaventure Exhibition Halls were MY playground – and I shared it with a lot of sexy people!

Some of you came out to The Salon de l’Amour et de la Séduction (aka The Taboo Show) to check out the sexy fun, and were rewarded with informative seminars about sexuality, booths filled to the brim with sex toys, lingerie and fetish wear, a dungeon area, live burlesque performances and dance shows, and of course, THE highlight of the entire weekend – the SDC / l’Orage Zone Libertine.

L'Orage SDC Salon de l'Amour et de la Seduction Montreal Lexi Sylver
Girls playing with a strap-on to put on a little show and entice members to enter the l’Orage playroom beyond!

This weekend, my favorite libertine club in Montreal, l’Orage Club – Espace Libertin, continued its trailblazing reputation within the lifestyle, by becoming the first club EVER in North America to legally accept its members to play as they wished within the Salon de l’Amour!

I confess – without shame! – that I was also one of the first to try it out.

The play area was blocked off with heavy black curtains from the crowd for privacy, but inside, it was a miniature version of what you would find upstairs at l’Orage – equipped with a few covered mattresses, some couches, a wash-up station, towels, wipes, condoms and other amenities to make the experience cleaner, safer and more pleasurable for anyone who wished to play.

And a lot of people thoroughly enjoyed themselves – apparent by the smiles and mussed-up hair they had when they exited the play area!

Outside this private area, SDC had set up a large dance floor where we could dance, and that was also where local shibari bondage experts Paco and Fanny entertained us with several shibari shows. During these performances, Paco tied up Fanny in a sensual, artistic way, and dozens of people came to surround them and watch. It was extremely erotic.  Check them out Shibari Fun here on Facebook.

Shibari Bondage at Salon de l'Amour 2019 Montreal SDC L'Orage Club
Fanny and Paco have fun with Shibari bondage at the Salon de l’Amour et de la Séduction 2019 at Place Bonaventure, in the SDC / l’Orage Zone Libertine

Other vendors within the lifestyle were in the SDC / l’Orage section also, from erotic photographers like Ressan and Fabrice de Bray, to lingerie and fetish boutique Il Bolero, as well as various local libertine groups.

What we all had in common was our desire to contribute and educate others about our libertine mentality and way of life, of the sense of community we share, and the way that we celebrate sexuality rather than hiding ourselves away from society.

In the midst of all this, I presented several seminars on the We-Vibe Womanizer stage on two topics: How to Seduce with Body Language and Your Sexual Renaissance: Discover Your Self-Confidence.

Lexi Sylver Seminar We Vibe Womanizer Theater Salon de l'Amour et de la Seduction 2019
Lexi Sylver (that’s me!) onstage at the We-Vibe Womanizer Seminar Theater during the Salon de l’Amour et de la Séduction 2019 in Montreal

Presenting these seminars was an incredibly rewarding experience for me, because after each of them, I had a bunch of people coming up to me to thank me for the presentation, ask me more questions, and also to talk to me about their own bodies and personal stories. This inspired me to consider offering individual coaching sessions to help others discover their self-confidence and improve their sex lives. More on that – coming soon.

L’Orage Club also offered a popular presentation entitled First Visit To a Sex Club: Are There Rules and Expectations? which helped answer a lot of people’s questions about how to behave within a libertine club, the importance of consent and respect, and the power of NO means NO. I know that their seminar helped debunk a lot of commonly held myths about swingers, the legality of sex clubs such as l’Orage, the erotic lifestyle and the practices of its libertine individuals.

I also thoroughly enjoyed seminars from my scintillating friend and sexuality expert Luna Matatas, who presented on Get Great at Going Down, Bigger and Wetter Orgasms, and Best Booty Sex. (Speaking of Luna, if you haven’t yet heard my podcast episode with her about How to Have a Threesome, check it out here!)

Lexi Sylver and Luna Matatas at the Salon de l'Amour et de la Seduction 2019 Place Bonaventure
Luna Matatas and I had a blast presenting and enjoying this weekend at the Salon de l’Amour et de la Séduction

So not only was the Salon a success on so many different levels, but it reminded me yet again why I’m here, doing what I’m doing – to educate others, to help others find their way of expressing their sexuality shamelessly!

Until next time, Stay Lexual and find me on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram!


All photos and videos created by and property of Lexi Sylver and should not be reused without my explicit permission.

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Relationships and Couples Communication | Lexi Sylver SDC Podcast

Relationship Coaching: Communication and Resolving Conflict

Welcome to my playground, my fiends and friends.

Tonight’s episode is focused on relationships, so you’re going to want to pay attention. Whether you’re dating, engaged, or married, in a monogamous, monogamish, consensually non-monogamous, or polyamorous relationship, the advice you’re going to get in this podcast can help you and your partner(s) through a lot of common relationship snafus.

If you want to learn how to improve communication and intimacy as a couple, you’ll benefit from today’s podcast with the co-founders of Soulmates for Life, internationally renowned author and licensed clinician Dr. Jay, and his soul mate, master certified coach, Liseth.

Here are some of the major questions my guests will be answering:

What is the true definition of a Soul Mate? Do you want to discover how to master your relationship and become a better partner?

Dr. Jay and Liseth | Soul Mates For Life | Lexi Sylver SDC Podcast | The Sexy Lifestyle Network

With the expert guidance of Dr. Jay and Liseth, we’re going to explore the science of soulmating, the importance of expressing honesty and communication in your relationship, and taking your love life to the next level (like if you’ve both decided to open up your relationship to venture into non-monogamous waters).

In this podcast, we talk about the kinds of people and couples who might need a relationship coach, and when there are some red flags in your relationship that signal the need for coaching to improve the status quo.

Dr. Jay and Liseth also reveal useful strategies to overcome conflict, for times when you’re having a risky conversation with your partner and things explode or become difficult.

There’s no such thing as being in a relationship without conflict or without argument. We need to have arguments in order to grow together and improve things if they’re not going the way you both want. But it’s important to learn how to fight the right way (and not say things we don’t mean or that we can’t take back), and to be able to swiftly repair things between yourselves, or there can be lasting damage.

That’s why relationship coaching (listen to the podcast to hear how they distinguish coaching from couples therapy) can be so beneficial to every couple, regardless how long you’ve been together, what kind of relationship you’re in, or the kinds of problems you’re having.

So click here to give a listen!

If you missed tonight’s or last week’s episode of my podcast, you can still listen on: 
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Until next time, Stay Lexual and find me on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram!


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Self-Care for a Healthy Mind and Body | Lexi Sylver SDC Podcast

Self-Care and You: Tips For a Healthy Body and Mind

Welcome back to my playground, Lexual fiends and friends.

January – aka Resolution Time – is still in full swing, and people are struggling to stick to all the lofty resolutions and goals they set for themselves, however impossible they might seem to achieve. Like going to the gym, changing your eating habits, and taking more time for yourself, for instance. Does that sound like you or anyone in your entourage?

Goal-setting (and resolution-making) is easy to do. But following through on them is the hard part. Especially since when we’re in the early goal-setting stages, we have high aspirations and tend to overdo it by being a tad unrealistic – like resolving to do too much in an unreasonably short time frame.

So it’s no wonder that so many of us fail at following through on our resolutions – and once broken, say FUCK IT and figure well, I already failed, no point in getting back on that horse.

In this podcast episode, Dr. Megan Stubbs, reputed sexologist specializing in sexual wellness, education and pleasure, is going to teach us that it’s OKAY to fail, and not to let that totally derail our plans, goals and resolutions.

Dr. Megan Stubbs on Lexi Sylver's SDC Podcast | Self-Care for Your Body and Mind

We’re also going to address important questions like:

Why is self-care one the fastest-growing wellness trends in the last few years? How is self-care so important and beneficial to your sexual, physical and mental health?

If you want to know how to get into the habit of prioritizing yourself, even with a busy schedule, you’ll enjoy tonight’s podcast.

We’re going to explore the different types of self-care and how they contribute to a healthier YOU, and how those benefits can spill over into having more positive relationships with others. We discuss the reasons why millennials seem to be so much more interested in self-care than previous generations, as well as who is most likely to engage in wellness practices.

With Megan’s wellness goal-setting tips and advice on what to do if you can’t stick to your goals or New Year’s Resolutions, you’ll be well on your way to a healthier mind and body in no time.

If you missed tonight’s or last week’s episode of my podcast, you can still listen on: 
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Until next time, Stay Lexual and find me on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram!

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Salon de l'Amour et de la Seduction | Taboo Sex Show | Montreal | Lexi Sylver SDC

Le Salon de l’Amour et de la Seduction in Montreal: Ticket Giveaway!

Come join me in my playground next weekend at the Salon de l’Amour et de la Seduction – aka The Taboo Sex Show – in Montreal, Quebec, Canada!

I’m thrilled to be joining our amazing SDC team, along with Montreal’s favorite libertine nightclub, l’Orage. Sure, I’ll be hanging out with a bunch of sexy, open-minded people, prancing around like I own the place, talking to everyone about shamelessly expressing their sexuality, all while recording some podcasts and promoting SDC, l’Orage and of course, myself – Mistress Lexi.

Did I mention I’m also going to be hosting seminars for your enjoyment and educational benefit?

I’ll be onstage in the We-Vibe Seminar Theater, talking (in French, no less) about:

Body Language: Express Yourself Without Saying a Word

Your Sexual Renaissance: Discover Your Self-Confidence

Click here to check out the schedule for the seminars (schedule subject to change).

Not a bad way to kick off 2019, in my not-so-humble opinion.

Over the next week and half, up until Friday January 18, I’ll be giving away free weekend passes to the Salon – so be sure to follow me on social media
on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram and be on the lookout for my posts!

View this post on Instagram

🔥Join me at the hottest show in #montreal next weekend!🔥I have 10 weekend passes to give away today!💃 . All you have to do is follow me on IG & tag a friend in the comments for a chance to win! 🎉 #humpday #giveaway . I'll randomly choose 5 of you pervs to each win a pair of tix for the #taboosexshow! Winners will be announced Friday. . More news coming soon about all the fun we'll be having at the Salon de l'Amour et de la Seduction with @sdc_com and more of our partners in crime! . . . #montrealevents #events #quebec #tradeshow #sex #sexy #sexuality #taboo #taboosexshow2019 #giveaway #free #tickets #passes #weekend #lexisylver #getlexual #lexuality #sdc #podcast #radio #speaker #promo #booth #lorage #french #francais

A post shared by Lexi Sylver (@lexisylver) on

I admit, it’s hard to believe that just last year, at this time, I was meeting the SDC team for the first time. I had absolutely no idea that one year later, I would be in this position – with my own podcast on The Sexy Lifestyle Network via Voice America, working with SDC on so many exciting new projects, and promoting the club – l’Orage – where I had my first ever experiences in the libertine / swinger community.

Just goes to show, you never know what could happen to you when you keep an open mind and seize the right opportunities when they come your way!

I am so excited to be able to share my thoughts about sexuality with you all, whether on my podcasts, by writing articles about sex or erotic literature, or at my seminars and workshops.

So come join us during The Taboo Sex Show! It’s going to be a wild time!

Hope to see you there, Lexual people…

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How to Make her SCREAM with Pleasure | Orgasms, Squirting and More | Lexi Sylver SDC Podcast

How to Make her SCREAM with Pleasure: Orgasms, Squirting and More

Happy Nude Year, fiends and friends!

Welcome back to your favorite playground. For my first podcast episode of 2019, I present to you a very juicy one indeed – the topic you’ve all been waiting for: FEMALE ORGASMS!

What are the secrets to pleasing a woman sexually? Do you want to learn more about how to make a woman orgasm and squirt? If you want to know what makes a woman cum, you’re going to LOVE tonight’s podcast!

By the way, in case you needed extra incentive, I’ll be getting VERY personal and talking about my first ever squirting experience! It’s not often that I tell sex stories on air, but like I said, this is one hell of a JUICY episode! So definitely DON’T MISS IT!

I’ll be hosting my special guest, Marla Renee Stewart, aka The Sex Architect, who’s a professional sex educator, sex, intimacy and relationship coach, founder of Velvet Lips and co-host of The Sisters of Sexuality podcast on The Sexy Lifestyle Network.

Marla Renee Stewart Velvet Lips on Lexi Sylver's SDC Podcast | The Sexy Lifestyle Network

We’re going to help crack the code (aka Rubik’s Cube!) of the elusive female climax, debunk common myths about female sexuality, present lesser-known facts about women’s pleasure, and enhance your sexual confidence to become a better lover -regardless of your sexuality and the type of relationship you’re in.

By answering questions like “what exactly IS squirting?”, “what are the different types of orgasms a woman can have?”, and “how much of a woman’s orgasm is mental versus physical?” we’ll be exploring all the different ways you can give a woman the utmost pleasure! 

Because let’s be honest. Regardless of how much sexual experience you have, and how much of an incredible lover you are, or are reputed to be, or have been told you are – we can all benefit from learning more about sex and sexuality. Anyone who says they are a master or mistress in the bedroom MAY have a lot of sexual experience, but it doesn’t mean that you’re able to make just EVERY woman cum at the drop of the hat.

Especially because we know that what makes one woman scream with pleasure may not work on another woman. Every body is different, and so are our tastes, desires, and fantasies. So practice makes purr-fect…

If you missed tonight’s or last week’s episode of my podcast, you can still listen on: 
Google Play
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Until next time, Stay Lexual and find me on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram!


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Top 10 Sexy New Year's Resolutions 2019 | Lexi Sylver

Top 10 Sexy New Year’s Resolutions

Welcome back to my playground, Lexual people.

Thank you for supporting me throughout this year! 2019 will be bringing a lot of opportunity for me to show you even more of my appreciation. Big news coming soon to my podcast, blog and social media – so stay tuned, my friends and fiends.

For now, I’m sharing my last Top 10 list of 2018 with you. Make these resolutions part of your list when you’re thinking of ways to improve your life – and your sex life- this coming year.

10. Seduce yourself

Make yourself feel sexy and constantly remind yourself that you’re desirable and you deserve to be desired. That confidence will spill over into all the other areas of your life.

Wear sexy lingerie under your work clothes, even if you’re the only one who knows they’re there. Masturbate whenever the hell you want. Read an erotic novel and imagine you’re the main character, getting all the sexual attention you can handle.

By emitting your sexual energy out to the world, you will be surprised at the positive energy you can receive back, and how much more confident you’ll feel.

9. Explore your sexual horizons

I’m not SAYING to go from monogamous twosome to orgygoers overnight, or anything. But try opening your mind to erotic possibilities beyond your comfort zone.

Even if you don’t do anything, being surrounded by sexy people in a kinky environment can spark a lot of things, especially your imagination. Whether you’re flying solo or in the company of your partner, an erotic party is a great way to meet like-minded, open-minded individuals, and maybe see new things – like people having sex in front of you. You don’t have to participate, but being a voyeur can certainly be an aphrodisiac. Who knows what erotic worlds you’ll open up…

And if you’re a frequent partygoer at these erotic events, try a special theme night that takes you a little bit out of your comfort zone, to introduce a kinky aspect to your night.

8. Treat yourself to sexy lingerie

As Casey Carter and I talk about in our podcast on Creative Sex, you don’t need to get lingerie for your partner – it’s all about YOU!

Getting some sexy and slinky new lingerie can help you feel more confident and sexy. Whether you choose to let your partner see you in your new getup is entirely up to you.

7. Try a new sex position

This resolution is easy to achieve, and fun for you and your partner to experiment with together.

Adding novelty to your repertoire will stimulate your senses in a different way and add a new dimension to your sexual dynamic.

You can find some sex positions to choose from right here on my blog.

6. Be spontaneous

Having sex in the bedroom can get boring – FAST.

Spark some inspiration with some foreplay in a sexy new locale, the car, a movie theater, the bathroom at a bar… wherever, really.

The thrill you’ll feel as you experience foreplay or sex in a risqué new place will give you both an adrenaline rush to fuel the fire in your sexcapades.

You can even try this out discreetly by wearing a remote-control sex toy while you’re out on a date, and giving your partner the control. My personal favorite toy for doing this is the wearable We-Vibe Jive.

No matter where you go, you’ll both feel sexier for having tried something new together.

5. Add a new sex toy to the mix

If your sex games are getting a bit stale, whether solo or otherwise, time to try a new toy!

How adventurous do you want to be? Which part of your body or your partner’s do you want to stimulate? Want to try a little BDSM?

The choice is ALL yours.

Now go back to #10 on this list (Seduce yourself), rinse and repeat.

Lexi Sylver Sex Toys Shop

4. Try out a new fantasy

Curious about getting tied up and blindfolded? Thinking of dressing up and trying out some role play with your partner?

The first step is communicating with your partner when you’re out of the bedroom. This gives you time for you and your partner to talk about your fantasy and how you’d go about it or prepare whatever toys or scenario you might need for your new sexual forays.

Or, to break the ice, try dropping some hints first. You could watch some porn together, listen to one of my podcasts, or read an excerpt from an erotic novel out loud to him that express the fantasy or kink you have in mind, then ask your partner what they think about it.

3. Flirt

If you’ve been in a relationship for awhile, chances are you forgot how to flirt.

Flirting creates a sense of newness, makes your pulse race, and makes you feel sexy.

When you’re in public, come up to your partner and pretend you’re meeting them for the first time.

Compliment them on what they’re wearing. Remind them how sexy they are. Reminisce about a time you had together that was extremely hot.

Single? Flirt with the hot guy who serves you coffee at the local shop. Flirt with the cute chick at the bookstore.

Chances are, you’ll feel better, sexier, and get a rush of adrenaline and endorphins.

2. Change up your bedroom decor

Getting new sheets and/or bedcovers can really make a difference.

If you can afford it, go a bit more luxe and opt for sheets with a higher thread count, something that feels soft and sensual against your skin.

Just changing up your bed – which is (usually) where you wake up, fall asleep, have sex, masturbate, watch Netflix, text, peruse social media, talk on the phone, and do so many other things, can make you feel like you’re somewhere else, like at a fancy hotel or resort.

And when we’re on vacation, we’re feeling relaxed, refreshed, and ready for sex.

1. Shed negative sexual energy.

YOU. ARE. FUCKING. GORGEOUS. You are amazing. Your body is incredible.

If your New Year’s goals include making important life changes that are good for your health, that’s fantastic.

But don’t forget that confidence is within you! And confidence is the SEXIEST thing you can wear.

Self conscious about the way you taste? Don’t let your partner go down on you enough? Don’t want to have sex in certain positions because you’re worried about the way you look at certain angles? Can’t have sex with the light on?

Fuck that! Get rid of all of that negativity. You are sexy, and you DESERVE to be worshiped.

So LET yourself go. Let go of that negativity that’s preventing you from having mind-blowing, out-of-body-experience style ecstasy, and experience pleasure like you’ve always deserved.

What are YOUR sexy New Year’s resolutions?

Let me know on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram!


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The Truth About Male Sexuality | Lexi Sylver SDC Podcast | The Everything Sexy Show

New Podcast: The Truth About Male Sexuality

What are men REALLY thinking?

Do you want to know the truth behind sex, relationships and cheating from a male perspective?

Tonight on my show, I invite Jamal Edwards and Rick “PolyRick” Broider, co-hosts of the Everything Sexy podcast, to get some insight into how men think about their sexuality.

As co-hosts of the Everything Sexy podcast on The Sexy Lifestyle Network, Jamal and PolyRick are one of those rare podcasts that discusses sexuality frankly, openly and authentically, from a MALE point of view.

They’re both ready and willing to share their authenticity, unique opinions and personal experiences about polyamory and living a consensually non-monogamous lifestyle.

We’re going to talk about the challenges that men experience within the female-driven swinger lifestyle, and offer some advice for men who want to start exploring and communicating more about their sexuality.

The fact is, most men often don’t feel comfortable enough talking about sex – either with their partners or even with their male friends – and are often unwilling to ask questions about things they may not know. And it’s not always easy to get information about sex without being made to feel judged, shameful, or misunderstood.

The Truth About Male Sexuality | Lexi Sylver SDC Podcast | The Everything Sexy Show

On The Everything Sexy Show, as well as on my podcast, our goal is the same: to give people uncensored access to the innerworkings of our brains, debunking myths, normalizing behaviors that others feel are too taboo to merit open discussion, and helping people discover their own paths to seek out their authentic selves.

That’s one of the reasons tonight’s show is so unique – it’s my first one (so far) with two men (and sexy ones, at that) to explore the common misconceptions behind male thinking about various aspects of sexuality. That’s why I love listening to them – and I know having them as guests on my show is going to be so much fun (and naturally, informative for all of you)!

If you missed tonight’s or last week’s episode of my podcast, you can still listen on: 
Google Play
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Voice America

Don’t forget to listen to my podcast every Thursday night at 5 PM PST / 8 PM EST on The Sexy Lifestyle Network, powered by 

Until next time, Stay Lexual and find me on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram!


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Sexy Naked Man | Male Bisexuality | Lexi Sylver Podcast

Bisexuality: Why is There a Double Standard?

Welcome to my playground of podcasts and more, pervs!

Wow – this is my 10th podcast episode! I can’t believe it.  It somehow feels like I just started podcasting!

So, for my 10th sexual topic of choice, tonight’s episode will answer a lot of your questions about bisexuality – specifically, male bisexuality.

Why are bisexual men stigmatized while bisexual women are fetishized in society and popular culture?

We all know that bisexual women are perceived as unicorns – a lot of it due to the fact that one of the most common sexual fantasies that men and women both have, which is to have a threesome with another woman. 

Yes, it’s incredibly hot to see two women touch and play with each other. Call me a perv, but I also find it super sexy to watch two or more men playing together. For me, it’s all about the sexual chemistry between the partners. But I digress…

Today’s guests on Seek, Discover, Create are Angelique Luna, Certified Kink Aware Professional relationship & sex coach, educator, entertainer and advocate for sexual abuse survivors, and John C Luna, entrepreneur, author, professional educator and sex, kink and relationship coach, who also both host the podcast Living A Sex Positive Life.

We’ll be exploring why there’s such a double standard when it comes to male bisexuality, and debunking common myths about bisexuality.

Angelique and John are going to unveil the truth behind why bisexual men are often considered a myth and minimized by other subgroups, especially within the swinger lifestyle and other non-monogamous lifestyles.

We’re going to talk about the different challenges of being bisexual that men may experience, and offer practical advice for bisexual men who want to come out of the closet and tell their partners about their bisexuality.

If you missed tonight’s or last week’s episode, you can still listen on iTunes, Google Play and here.

Don’t forget to listen in tonight and every Thursday night at 5 PM PST / 8 PM EST on The Sexy Lifestyle Network, powered by 

Until next time, Stay Lexual and find me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!


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Holiday Sex Position: The Stocking Stuffer | Lexi Sylver

Holiday Sex Position: The Stocking Stuffer

Stuff her full of pleasure – because orgasms are the best gift of all. 

Welcome back to my playground, fellow pervs, where I’m prepping for an abundantly kinky holiday season.

This creative sex position is inspired by as session with one of my submissive female lovers.

There I was, I was on my knees, fucking her from behind with my strap-on. I stripped one of the sheer stockings she was wearing and gagged her mouth with it, grabbing each end of the stocking with one hand behind her head and pulling her head back. This made her almost lean back on her knees behind me, head back on my shoulder.

It felt much more intimate than doggy-style sex, as I could feel the heat of her skin on mine, and I had full control of her. I then used her other stocking to bind her wrists together in front of her so she couldn’t reach back, letting her focus on the pleasure.

From behind her, I could bite and kiss her neck, and while one hand was holding the stocking, my other hand was free to roam around the front of her to play with her clit.

She loved it so much, she’s been begging me to do that over and over and over again.

And, done right, your lover will beg you for more, too.

Here’s how to have some kinky holiday sex of your own with this festive sex position.

The Stocking Stuffer

What it is:

A kinky yet intimate variation of doggy-style sex, making your partner feel extra submissive by stuffing their mouth and pulling their head back as you fuck them.

Why it’s hot:

Doggy-style sex offers incredible G-spot stimulation for her. If you’re doing this move during anal sex, the angle is great for getting at her G-spot from across those delicate walls.

Plus, with the front of her body exposed, you can reach around and play with her clit and nipples at the same time as you fuck her. 

(I do this for strap-on sex with my female partners, but you can also do this for anal sex with any partner. Pegging and prostate play with some reach-around action, anyone?)

Gagging or choking your submissive adds an element of power play, if you have some kinks to get out… just make sure you have their consent first.

Hygiene note: If you switch between vaginal and anal sex within the same session, make sure you change the condom in between to prevent bacteria from entering her vagina and potentially causing an infection.

How to do it:

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It’s simple. Position yourselves on a comfortable, flat surface with you behind your partner, as though you’re about to fuck them doggy style, with both of you on your knees and your bodies close together.

Depending on the size of your partner, do whatever feels most comfortable – with her legs or your legs to the outside. Keeping her legs closer together will add extra friction – keeping her legs apart and to the outside will give you more access to play with her manually.

Then penetrate her – as though she’s sitting back on your cock / strap-on – but with you driving the thrusts. You’re in control, and don’t let your sexy submissive forget that!

Silky Bit Mouth Gag by Sex & Mischief, available at
Silky Bit Mouth Gag by Sex & Mischief, available at

You can use a stocking (as I did), a silky sash, gag ball or really anything to put into your submissive’s mouth. Then with one hand, grab both ends of the gag around the back of your submissive’s head and hold onto them while you’re fucking them.

If you want, you can tie up both ends of the gag to leave both of your hands free, or you can simply shove the stocking into their mouth without holding on it to muffle their cries of pleasure.

How to kink it up:

Grab her hair: With her so close to you, you can entwine your fingers at the root of her hair and pull backwards so she obeys you. It’s more intimate than grabbing her hair because you’re also stimulating her scalp, which has lots of nerve endings and feels fantastic.

Wrap a hand around her neck: If your partner’s into it, put a rough choke hold on them while you’re fucking them. But make sure to let them BREATHE. Consent and safe words here are a MUST.

Whisper filthy things in her ear: Dirty talk never goes out of style. Remind her who’s boss with some XXX-rated language that’s perfect for your role play.

Add sex toys

Play with her clit and pussy: With her clit exposed to you, you can reach around and stimulate her with your fingers or a vibrator. If you’re fucking her ass in this position (which feels sooooo good, too), you can also slide a vibrator into her pussy to give her some double penetration.

Play with his cock: If you’re pegging your partner, you can stroke his cock and add a vibrating cock ring to deliver even more explosive pleasure.

Tor™ 2 Vibrating Cock Ring by LELO, available at

What’s your favorite sex position?

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Stay Lexual, and Happy Holidays, pervs.



PS: I use “him/he/his” and “her/she/hers” as a simplification to distinguish between participants. “HE” in this case simply indicates the “top” or the person who’s doing the penetrating, and “SHE” is the person who is receiving the penetration (aka the “bottom”. These pronouns are not necessarily indicative of the gender or gender identity of the participants.

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