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What it is:
A sultry variation of the Reverse Cowgirl that is super G-spot friendly.

How to do it:
Have your man lie down on his back and straddle him backwards… except instead of keeping your knees to the outsides of his legs, bring them to the inside.  His thighs should be resting on top of your calves and you should be leaning more forward then if you were straddling his legs on the outside of him.  Hold on to his ankles or calves for leverage as you rock yourself back and forth, and up and down, on him.  Alternate by having him pump up and down slightly in rhythm with your rocking to increase speed or depth of penetration.  You can also try leaning back with your hands on either side of his chest while lifting your hips up and down on him so he can rove his hands over your body.

Why it’s hot:
Like the benefits of the Reverse Cowgirl, your man gets a sexy rear view of your assets while you stimulate the hell out of your G-spot.  Since your legs are locked in towards the inside instead of out, you can lift yourself up higher off of him and he can hoist you up with his pelvis too, increasing the depth of penetration.  You can lean more or less of your weight forward while gripping onto his legs, depending on the angle and depth you prefer.  Plus, by pressing your thighs close together, you can increase the tightness of entry for him.

How to kink it up:
Since he may not be able to reach his arms around your hips to access your clit (unless you’re leaning back over him), try doing it yourself instead.  For extra credit, do it in front of a mirror (cameras are good too), so he can witness the action from both front and back.  Pinch your nipples, grab your breasts, and let loose.  If you have very long hair, let him pull it back at times to arch your back and act as a sort of restraint.  Since your rear is the main attraction, try doing this position while wearing a garter belt with thigh-high stockings (no panties)… very, very hot!  This is your time to feel and look like a porn star… but you know your orgasm will actually be real!

See you Wednesday for my latest erotic story.  Have a sexy weekend.