Welcome back!  Try this one tonight!  Read it here or on my website.

What it is: a come-from-behind move that treats her to some deep penetration.

How to do it:
For this one, she’ll have to perch on a surface in a squat position (legs apart and bent at the knees at about a 45 degree angle), but still be down low enough so that you can thrust upwards into her when you are squatting, too.  Try the edge of a couch, a set of stairs, or a bench in the sauna.  Put one arm around her shoulders to steady her as you bend your knees and lift your hips up and deep.  Let her lean her upper back into you or onto your shoulder if she wants to get closer.

Why it’s hot:
Can you say deep penetration?  In the squat position, she is wide open and ready to receive all of your inches.  At your angle, you’ll rub against her G-spot while leaving you access to alternate between her clit and her breasts.  Plus, you get the much-desired view of her rear assets as you take control of both your pleasure.

How to kink it up:
Any couple looking for a change from their routine should definitely try this one out.  It fuses intimacy with passion and lets her really enjoy all the goodies at the same time.  Prop up a mirror if you can so you can watch each other’s elation, or film a quick home movie of your sexploits for future viewing.  Better yet, save this one for a spontaneous quickie and give her the surprise she’s been waiting for!

This position caps off my football-themed week.  Stay tuned for a new juicy story this Wednesday!