Welcome back, sexy readers. Today I challenge you to try a new sex position and keep things kinky with your partner. Try this sex move, the Infinite Ride, which is one of my personal favorites. Enjoy!

What it is: A sensual variation of girl-on-top, where your hips do the dirty talking while he gets an eyeful.

How to do it: Have him lie flat on his back. Straddle him with knees bent and your feet planted on either side of his body, at the same level as his shoulders/torso. You can lean yourself back and support yourself on his shins or thighs or the edge of the bed, sofa or floor (depending where you are at the time!). Now the fun part: swivel your hips on top of him in lazy semicircles at first (by slightly bending and then extending your legs), building up speed and stamina to ride him and let your hips make large infinity symbols (figure-eights) back and forth, alternating direction for a more spellbinding sensory experience for both of you.

Why it’s hot
The infinity-shape motion of your hips changes the sensation of typical in-and-out movement, keeping things fresh. Since you get to control the depth, speed and motion, you can stimulate your clit and your G-spot at the same time, and tease him with a shallow depth until he begs to go deeper. Plus he’ll love watching you grind your hips on him like you’re giving him an ultra-naughty lap dance.

How to kink it up
For him: instead of leaving your arms relaxed behind your head or at the sides, you can grab onto her calves or ankles to tether her when she starts moving more feverishly. DO grab her ass or reach in front of her to rub her hot spot while she’s busy circling her hips around. Make sure you move WITH her (rather than vice versa) so she is still the one controlling the motion. You can also bring up your hips a bit by putting a pillow under your butt (or just lifting your pelvis up and down in rhythm with her), which allows for deeper penetration and more of a chance of her clit rubbing against you as she grooves into you.

For her: Instead of gripping on to his thighs, knees or shins behind him for extra leverage, get him to bend his knees so that you’re leaning against the tops of his thighs. The extra closeness and skin contact will make it hotter, increase friction and reduce the work on your lower back. You’ll be in a prime position to reach between his legs and play with his perineum, balls, and ass, plus you can make a tight ring with your hand and jerk him off at the base of his shaft as you ride up and down on the head of his cock. Move your hand(s) in sync with your hips and alternate in the opposite direction, so he can feel a different tightness and sensation..

Enjoy your Infinite Ride tonight.

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Happy Riding,

This sex position, The Infinite Ride, was originally published on June 28, 2009 by Lexi Sylver.