Great things come out of Brazil – and I’m not just talking about the beautiful people, bikinis and the Brazilian butt lift.

Sexy Woman Having Orgasm - International Women's Orgasm Day via Lexi SylverToday is The International Day of the Female Orgasm, which the Brazilians named Día Internacional del Orgasmo Femenino, so-called to increase women’s awareness of their sexuality and their ability to have orgasms.

According to the website, the origins of this intriguing holiday are also interesting:

“The international day of orgasm is held every year on the initiative of the Councillor of the Brazilian people in Esperantina, Arimateio Dantas, who decided to compensate his wife for some sexual debts that he had, he proposed a day dedicated to stimulate sexual pleasure in its maximum expression.”

Orgasms are fantastic – they don’t just feel amazing, but they do marvellous things for your body – boosting endorphins, increasing mood, killing pain, eliminating stress and in women, decreasing your blood pressure. I am definitely FOR any event or holiday, official or local or not, that celebrates a woman’s body and/or a woman’s right to orgasms! Don’t forget ladies, one of the most important parts of a sexual relationship is communicating what does and doesn’t feel good, so your partner can help you achieve the climax you deserve!

According to the Kinsey Institute, only about two thirds of women worldwide have experienced orgasmic satisfaction through sex: “About 85% of men report that their partner had an orgasm at the most recent sexual event; this compares to the 64% of women who report having had an orgasm at their most recent sexual event.”

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