Welcome back, fellow cum guzzlers, jizz swallowers and splooge swallowers-to-be,

At some point in our lives, we’ve wondered what it means to swallow man-juice.

What’s in there, really? Is it good for us? Will the spunk be funky? Although age, diet, lifestyle and exercise all play a role in the the taste and consistency of semen, here are some of the major nutrients that compose that tend to compose jizz. Sperm’s nutritional values vary from study to study, but the contents listed here are derived from the 2005 Journal of Andrology.

The nutritional value of semen ingredients | Lexi SylverEach ejaculation is approximately 3.4 ml in volume and contains less than a calorie. Which means it’s even more fat-free than Diet Coke. Semen is mostly water mixed with a few other ingredients that definitely contribute to the taste. I’ll explore the taste of semen in another blog; here are just the nutrients for now.

I originally wanted to compare the contents of semen with the nutrients found in vaginal fluid (and female cum/ejaculation), but this proved an exceptional challenge, since so far there does not seem to be a whole lot of research anywhere about female ejaculation. (And no, female ejaculation is not a myth.)

If you know of any research that has been done to this effect, I’d love if you could share that with me. Interestingly, one major difference is that while semen has a pH at around 7 or 8, vaginal fluid (not necessarily female ejaculation, though) has a pH of around 4 (which can be compared to beer or wine).

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