Welcome back to my playground, Lexual fiends and friends!

Cheryl Besner recently invited me back on her show, Pillow Talk With Cheryl, along with Dr. Philip Morphew.

We talked openly and honestly about how to release your inner god / goddess. I wasn’t expecting to get so deep, but the episode flowed soooo well! This episode is really something to listen to – and pretty different from the ones you’ve listened to on my own podcast, Seek, Discover, Create.

Give it a listen here:

Episode Description: Do you ever feel that there is a lion within your soul that is ready to roar? Do you hear your inner voice whispering “there is so much more of me that I want to explore and express”? Are you ready to unleash your power and step into the Goddess/God world that is waiting for you? Today’s intimate conversation is about discovering the Divine Godliness in each of us. Join me and Lexi Sylver as we share how you can release your inner God / Goddess.

You can also check out the episode directly on Voice America’s Variety Network.