Welcome back to my playground, Lexual people.

Lexi’s back to the mainstream airwaves!

I was excited when Dr. Laurie Betito invited me back to her radio show, Passion, on Montreal’s CJAD 800 AM last night.

With my friend and colleague George Jones from SDC.com by my side, we joined Dr. Laurie LIVE in studio to talk about what the swinger lifestyle is like in Montreal, and what the swinger and consensual non-monogamy philosophy is for all of us in the lifestyle.

We also answered a bunch of questions from Dr. Laurie’s fans and audience who had questions about how they could enter the swinger lifestyle, how to initiate those often-challenging first conversations with one’s partner, our own personal advice on how to get started experiencing what the swingers’ lifestyle has to offer.

Listen here or on Dr. Laurie’s Soundcloud.

Swingers Panel: How To Pop The Question

Dr. Laurie Betito’s Passion on CJAD 800 AM, August 22, 2019.

Lexi Sylver and George Jones from SDC
LIVE in studio at CJAD 800 AM on Dr. Laurie Betito’s Passion

Please note that I know that not everyone’s swinger experiences are the same. When I go on air or on my podcast to talk about how I explore the lifestyle personally, and how I know the lifestyle to be in my experience, I am not speaking for how everyone else might navigate being in their own unique consensually non-monogamous relationship.

So I want to hear about your own personal experiences!

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