Welcome back to my playground, Lexual fiends and friends.

We all have our own dirty little secrets, don’t we?

And who doesn’t live a secret that’s good and filthy?

I welcomed Hotwife Taylor Leigh and Gabriel Mann on my podcast to tell us about their hot new memoir, SeXXXperience.

I enjoyed reading their book and some of the very revealing details of their personal lives as they have journeyed through being swingers, escorts and, for Hotwife Taylor Leigh, adult films.

The reality is that there are some parts of our lives that we feel we should keep hidden from others – whether it’s because we want to keep it a secret to ourselves and it’s no one else’s business, or because we are afraid of feeling judged or shamed by those around us for our choices.

This is especially true of people who are immersed in alternative lifestyles like swinging, and, in the case of Taylor of Gabe, also escorting and making adult films.

So I invited Taylor and Gabe onto my show to uncover the sexy truths in their lives, and go into even more depth about some of the unique events that have brought them to this point in their very interesting relationship.

Taylor Leigh and Gabe SeXXXperience Lexi Sylver SDC Podcast
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Tonight’s episode of Seek, Discover, Create will offer you an unfiltered look into the erotic worlds of swinging, adult films and escorting, and how Taylor and Gabe’s committed, successful and loving marriage thrives on and in these extremes.

This duo talks to us about about their unbelievable journey from torrid love affair to making porn.

We explore the details of what it’s like for Taylor and Gabe as they play within the swinging lifestyle, with the extra kick of having a hotwifing relationship dynamic with Hotwife Taylor exploring on her own.

Taylor and Gabe also tell us their tips on how to make a happy marriage and a successful swinging relationship, based on some of the mistakes they made when they were first starting out, and how to handle things when swinging goes wrong.

They debunk the most common myths that some people might have about the swinging and consensually non-monogamous lifestyle, and offer some advice to couples who want to get started opening up their relationship to new possibilities.

So join us for my new podcast episode, airing live tonight (and every Tuesday) at 5 PM PST / 8 PM EST on VoiceAmerica’s Variety channel!

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Photo credits: Hotwife Taylor Leigh and Gabriel Mann

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