Want to know the BARE TRUTH about what Cap d’Agde is REALLY like?!

A naturalist town, Cap d’Agde is a nude friendly spot in beautiful France where couples and individuals can come to relax, play, and explore. From resorts, the beach, clubbing, and high end dining- you can do it all, and you can do it naked. A beautiful blend of naturalists and swingers, you can truly explore your Lexuality™ in one of the world’s most open and sexy places.

My first interviewees are Cap d’Agde virgins, and I had the best time picking their brain about their experience. Originally going shopping for vacation clothing, they were pleasantly surprised to see that clothing wasn’t a priority. Shy at first, it only took about 30 minutes until she felt comfortable enough to bear it all out and enjoy the naturalist experience. It did come to a surprise when our interviewee showed up to a nice restaurant, where people were actually wearing clothing. In the lifestyle for over 9 years, she discusses the importance of fluidity with experimenting and being open to some things working, and some things not being for them.

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My next couple has been in the lifestyle for about 14 years, and SDC members for 13 years. Through SDC, this couple was able to meet other couples around the world even when trying to go for a “normal” holiday. Why do a normal holiday when you can make it a sexy one? So used to being free and naked, it was hard to move to a normal resort! Interacting with an open and sexy resort gives you the option of freedom, even if you don’t decide to play as a couple.

We discuss how starting in the lifestyle can sometimes feel daunting: what if you can’t tell you friends and those around you? Finding friends in the lifestyle can be a huge part of your support system; your confidants, the people you trust and can tell all your dirty, Lexual secrets to! Taking your time, the lifestyle doesn’t have to move fast: slow and steady can be great for communication, and help you step into the lifestyle confidently.

Join us tonight to listen to their real-life sexperiences in the first part of my Cap d’Agde podcast miniseries!⁠

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