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Ever evolving relationship styles can seem easy, but it’s usually a process of learning, making mistakes, and finding a balance that works for all partners to get their needs met. Evolving from one relationship style to another takes time, communication, and of course- putting partner’s needs and your own into consideration.

As humans, we have the ability to love multiple people at the same time, and polyamory caters to just that! Meaning the ability to foster multiple caring romantic relationships at once, we are excited for today’s episode.

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How does a couple go from monogamy to swinging to polyamory? Host Lexi Sylver gets personal with Talloolah Love and her partner Q as they detail their journey through ethical non-monogamy and how their relationship has evolved through open and honest communication about boundaries and feelings.

Talloolah and Q explore the mistakes they made, and how they overcame jealousy, and how they adapted their relationship and refined their boundaries. They also discuss what to do in polyamory when you are experiencing new relationship energy (NRE) with a new partner, to make your other partners feel special, and what to do if your metamours aren’t getting along. Q also discusses how his anxiety and depression affected his sexual desire, and how he and Talloolah have accommodated each other’s intimacy needs in light of his asexuality.

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