Paying homage to women across the world

Welcome back to my playground, my Lexual friends.

This month we celebrate Women’s History Month, a coup d’œil in which we commemorate the women who have built pathways so that we may all have a better life and live in a better world.

Women’s History Month presents an opportunity to glance at the past and see how far society has come pertaining to women’s rights. The lives we live today are only such as a result of the fight that many women before us have battled tirelessly.

As the feminist that you all know me to be, this month (truly, every day of the year) means so much to me because it represents a canvas to express the inspiration, admiration and empowerment that I not only feel for being a woman, but that I have received from other female role models who have shaped my life.

While many take time to pay homage to famous figures, I’d like to pay tribute to the woman who has given me countless reasons to smile, who has loved me unconditionally, and who gave me the greatest gift that can be given – life. Cheers to you, Mom, who has always been there for me when times get tough, and who gives me the strength I need to keep going and to fight in the way that only Lexi Sylver can.

Cheers to all of the wonderful women who are not only present in my life, but in everyone’s lives, helping us all to get through each day by being our pillars, our angels and our warriors.

Cheers to the women who have had the courage to lead and follow their beliefs regardless of society’s rules and who have given so much to the world that their names are known in every continent.

Cheers to those women who fight a silent battle on a daily basis, and who depict one of the many faces of being a woman by staying strong regardless of their surroundings.

Cheers to the homemakers, entrepreneurs, executives, soldiers, builders, teachers, activists, and women of any profession who show us that being a woman should have no limits and we do not need to conform to stereotypes; those who show the world that we can fucking do anything and everything we put our minds to.

And when I speak of women, I mean ALL women. Trans women are women!

I invite you to join me in donating to some of these non-profit organizations that are doing fantastic work to support and help women and girls around the world survive and thrive:

Global Fund for Women

Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom

Canadian Women’s Foundation

Equality Now

I Fund Women

To all of you, I raise my glass. Happy International Women’s Day!

Want to share other non-profit groups that are helping women and girls? Drop their names in the comments below.