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I am beyond excited to share with you my interview with Suze Randall for ASN Lifestyle Magazine‘s December 2022 issue.

If you haven’t heard of the legendary “Rebel Camera-Girl” Suze Randall and world-renowned trailblazer for erotic modeling and photography, it’s my pleasure to share some inside scoop about her.

Suze Randall’s legacy continues as she passed her love and passion for photography and adult film down to her daughter, Holly Randall, who I previously had the pleasure of working with (when I was scriptwriting and creatively producing a variety of productions for some of the most popular adult film companies in the world). You can check out my sexy podcast episode where I interviewed Holly Randall, and my interview for Holly’s cover feature in the November 2020 issue of ASN Lifestyle Magazine.

Suze is a master behind the camera and is filled with so much talent, creativity, and bold ambition. She’s inspired and influenced many and truly lit the erotic world on fire with her photography and videography.

In a mostly male-dominated industry, Suze came in and busted down the glass ceilings and made herself known as she portrays her female subjects in such a provocative, empowering, sexy light in her work. She has had a major impact on the evolution of erotica and sexual freedom, and I am SO HERE FOR IT!

Read my exclusive interview with Suze Randall here.

Suze shares openly about how she got her start as an erotic model after ditching her career as a nurse in England. A naughty nurse? Yes, please! She began modeling on a whim and quickly fell in love with the industry. However, her male photographers drove her mad because of how full of themselves they were. She became glaringly aware of how uncomfortable men in this industry made her and other models feel, so she decided to take matters into her own hands… and that is where her career in erotic photography began.

She became her own boss with full control of her shoots and images. She used her personal experience in the modeling industry to make women feel sexy, alive, comfortable, and empowered during her shoots. She captured the stunning “aura” of women and brought the female body into the most beautiful, sexual light through her images.

Her legacy is one that will stand the test of time and go down in history as one of the most influential erotic models and photographers of all time.

Check out my exclusive interview with Suze Randall in the December 2022 issue of ASN Lifestyle Magazine here.

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Photos in this blog are from the December 2022 edition of ASN Lifestyle Magazine, provided courtesy of the Suze Randall Estate.