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Friday, 21st August, 2020
Lexi Sylver Dr. Jess Marla Stewart the art of seduction SDC Podcast

How to Seduce Your Lover

What is seduction really all…
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Lexi Sylver Hedonism Jamaica Young Swingers Week

Join me at Young Swingers Week – Hedonism II Jamaica, March 2021

I’ll be getting Lexual this…
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When Feelings Come Up Swinging Lexi Sylver

How to Deal When Feelings Come Up | Swinging 101

Navigating the world of swinging…
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CJAD 800 Dr. Laurie Betito Passion Lexi Sylver Erotica Coronavirus Pandemic Staying Erotic

How to Stay Sexy in These Challenging Times: My Guest Spot with Dr. Laurie Betito on CJAD 800 AM

We are all spending almost…
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Relationship Tips Surviving Pandemic Quarantine Coronavirus Covid | Lexi Sylver

13 Tips to Help Your Relationship Survive a Pandemic

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is still making…
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Lexi Sylver Strap Ons, Threesomes, pegging, and more SDC Podcast

Strap-On Sex: Threesomes, Pegging, and More

Toys, anal, and unicorns, anyone?…
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Feeling Sexy in Self-Isolation Coronavirus Lexi Sylver

My New Article on Pornhub: Feeling Sexy in Times of Social Distancing

Welcome back to my playground,…
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How to Feel Sexy in Self-isolation Lexi Sylver Corona Virus

How to Feel Sexy in Self-Isolation

As Coronavirus (COVID-19) sweeps the…
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Sex in Self-Isolation Social Distancing COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic | Lexi Sylver

Staying Sexy During Self-Isolation

We’re all conscious of the…
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Share Your Fantasies | Sexting 101

Welcome back to my playground,…
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