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Sex Toy Review: Womanizer Premium

October 22, 2018
Womanizer Premium Vibrator with Pleasure Air Technology | Lexi Sylver

Welcome back to my playground, Lexual people.

Last week, I launched my new sex toy shop! Though I’ll be continuing to add new toys as time goes by, to get started, I’ve curated the best quality collection of toys possible, beginning with some of the bestselling toys on the market.

Which, of course, includes the gamut of Womanizer products, including the brand-new Womanizer Premium.

And like all the other toys in my shop, I’ve tested it out thoroughly before deciding to add it to my online collection – pleasure guaranteed.

Here’s a bit about my sexperience using the Womanizer Premium.

How the Womanizer Premium works

The orgasms feel very different with the Womanizer than with any other sex toy or vibrator, because it uses patented Pleasure Air technology, delivering pressure waves to your clit that feel like oral sex. After I cum, I feel very satisfied, but less sensitive than if I just had a vibrator on my clit, as though I could keep having more orgasms.

I played with the settings to increase and decrease the pressure, and tried it on the new Autopilot feature, which changes the rhythm of the suction to make it feel more like someone else is controlling my pleasure. It also felt like my orgasms were coming out of nowhere, and super quickly. I could climax within a few minutes.

It was incredibly difficult for me to finally put down the Womanizer, because I was enthralled by how amazing every sensation felt. Super addictive!

What I loved most about the Womanizer Premium

The combo of the super soft silicone head and the intense pressure waves felt like a little mouth on my clit. The Womanizer is very lightweight and ergonomically easy to hold.

It’s also incredibly discreet, because it has Smart Silence technology, which means it stops working when it’s not touching your skin. It’s also not nearly as loud as a traditional vibrator, which means you can really focus on your pleasure, rather than the lawnmower-esque sound of your pleasure device.

New Womanizer Premium Vibrator with Pleasure Air Technology | Lexi Sylver

How to kink up your masturbation

I occasionally experimented with the clitorally-focused Womanizer while also penetrating myself, so I was getting dual vaginal and clitoral stimulation (which is something you could achieve also with the Womanizer Inside Out). You could also add an anal toy to your masturbation sessions with the Womanizer Premium.

The bottom line

Basically, the Womanizer feels like the best oral sex of your life – without any need to reciprocate. You’ll want to use it over and over again for orgasms on demand.

For a limited time, use code LEX10 at checkout to get 10% off all Womanizer products on my site!

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