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Share Your Fantasies | Sexting 101

March 10, 2020

Welcome back to my playground, my Lexual fiends and friends…

The brain is the number one sex organ before the genitals. Yes, you heard me! Without sexually stimulating the brain in some way, our genitalia would not follow with sexual arousal: this is why using words is to our advantage.

As an erotica writer, it’s clear how the power of my erotic stories can take someone to the edge of desire. Sexting is no different, and can actually be a powerful tool to explore different fantasies.

Sexting is a Safe Place to Explore New Ideas

Do you have a kink that you’ve been thinking about? A new position or act that really turns you on and you want to bring it up to your partner? This would be an ideal time to test out that idea and see what your partner thinks of it.

The Phone Interface Takes Some of the Pressure Off

Communication isn’t always easy when it’s face to face. I get it! It might lessen anxiety to bring up your desires through a naughty text and see the response. When we don’t feel nervous, we can convey what we want much easier! We also have more time in between messages to gather our thoughts and get creative.

Suggest New Things You Want to Try

Want to add a new toy to your repertoire? Watch a naughty video together? Incorporate some booty play? Suggest it! “Wouldn’t it be so hot if you watched me use X toy?” or “Let’s play a game: I do to you whatever is done in the video we watch together.”

Find Out How Your Partner Feels About Experimentation

You can check in with your partner and still make it sexy!

“I would love to go down on you and use new X toy. How does that sound to you? / What do you think of that?”

The list can go on and on, but simply ask how they feel about your suggestions.

Make Your Partner Feel Involved in Setting a Scene

Ask your partner to participate! Ask them what they would like done to them, what scenario they would like to be in. “If we were in a luxurious hotel room together, where would you want to fuck me first?” Play on top of their suggestions, and watch your sexy, orgasmic story grow.


Lexi Sylver

I’m a shameless sexcapader, author of erotic tales, sexual educator of taboo topics and alternative relationships, pleasure toy sexpert, and advocate for sexual freedom. My mission is to empower you to shamelessly explore your Lexuality, stripping away your inhibitions and fears, so that you can freely pursue the fulfilling sex life and relationships you desire — and deserve. As your Lexual guide, I’ll help you map out your own erotic journey by giving you the tools you need to better connect with your own mind and body, communicate your desires and needs with your partners, and thrive in your customized, authentic lifestyle. I’m known for my passionate style and inclusive approach, drawing from my own real-life experiences to educate, entertain, and inspire you, all while helping you discover the realm of infinite erotic possibilities that await you once you open your mind to them. Whether you’re indulging in my erotic short stories, getting sex and relationship coaching from me, joining my webinars and events, reading my articles and blogs, perusing the sex toys in my shop, or listening to my podcasts, I strive to stimulate you to think about your sexuality in a new light — freely and fearlessly. Dare to delve deeper and explore YOUR Lexuality.

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