Sex Toy Parties

Host a sexy party that your friends will remember for a long time!


Invite me over for a sex toy party for you and your girlfriends!

What you’ll see:

I’ll come over with a bunch of sex toys that you can try out, turn on, switch settings, feel the different textures, vibrations, sizes, and more.


What we’ll talk about:

What each toy is used for and all the pleasurable ways you can use it

Interesting ways to experiment with toys and your partner

Sex toy hygiene – the right way to keep your toys clean 

How to score the unicorn of orgasms: the blended orgasm (clitoral and G-spot orgasm)

The most popular toys right now

& more tawdry topics that are sure to arise!


Duration of sex toy party:

A) 1 – 1.5 hours (ideal to incorporate into a bachelorette party or bridal shower)

–> Brides-to-be may receive a special surprise erotic gift from (contact me for more details)

A sex toy party is a great icebreaker and a fantastic way to set the tone for all your guests before you go out and party for the rest of the night!


B) 2.5 – 3 hours (ideal for at-home tupperware-style party)

Best done in the comfort of someone’s home.  Great for wine and cheese style parties, girls’ night, or any other excuse for having a unique time with the girls.

The relaxed setting will also loosen up some of your friends who may be a bit more straitlaced… and a bit of wine never hurt anyone in opening up.


Benefits of hosting

Throughout and after the party, your guests will be able to make purchases on my mobile device using a secure Square card reader.

The hostess will get an exclusive discount on any products of her choice.

She’ll also receive a credit for each purchase made by her guests.  (Contact me for more details.)


Note: I’m currently only offering sex toy parties within Montreal and the surrounding (West Island, Laval etc.) areas.

Contact me via email, on Facebook, Twitter, or using the contact form here below to invite me for a sex toy party!


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