Lexi Sylver's Swinging 101 Webinar Series

Swinging 101 Webinars Are Back, With NEW Topics!

Welcome back to my playground,…
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Lexi Sylver Dating Kinky Love Event 2021

Dating Kinky Event: From Monogamy to Nonmonogamy

Valentine’s Day is right around…
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Lexi Sylver Swinging 101 Webinar Series

My Swinging 101 Webinar Series!

It is my absolute pleasure…
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ASNLSMAG Lexi Sylver 7 Hot Tips to Creating Your Signature Sex Move

7 Hot Tips to Creating Your Signature Sex Move: My Feature in ASN Lifestyle Magazine!

Going into 2021, things are…
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Swinging with Casual Swinger Mickey and Mallory Lexi Sylver Podcast

Exploring the Swinger Lifestyle with Casual Swinger

I have a sexy new…
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dating kinky more than yes or no lexi sylver

More Than Yes or No: Join Dating Kinky & I for a FREE Weekend Conference!

“More Than Yes or No”…
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Lexi sylver mr.mocha podcast swinging lifestyle

The Swinging Lifestyle: Opening Up

What is it really like…
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CJAD 800 Dr. Laurie Betito Passion Lexi Sylver Erotica Coronavirus Pandemic Staying Erotic

How to Stay Sexy in These Challenging Times: My Guest Spot with Dr. Laurie Betito on CJAD 800 AM

We are all spending almost…
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Relationship Tips Surviving Pandemic Quarantine Coronavirus Covid | Lexi Sylver

13 Tips to Help Your Relationship Survive a Pandemic

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is still making…
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The Swinging Lifestyle Lexi Sylver CJAD 800 AM Open Relationships

Listen now: Interview about Swinging on CJAD 800 Radio

Welcome back to my playground,…
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