Cheryl Besner Lexi Sylver SDC Expert Dating Tips Podcast

Expert Dating Tips: From First Date to Relationship

Welcome back to my playground,…
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Relationships and Couples Communication | Lexi Sylver SDC Podcast

Relationship Coaching: Communication and Resolving Conflict

Welcome to my playground, my fiends and friends.…
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Halloween Sex Position: The Hellraiser

Happy Halloween, Lexual people! In…
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Modern Words You’ll Love to Use

I’m definitely adding a bunch…
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How to Sext Like a Pro | Sexting 101 | Lexi Sylver

Sexting For Newbies: How To Melt Your Lover’s Phone

Welcome to my playground, experienced…
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Sex Position: The Turkey Baster

Happy Thanksgiving, fellow Canadian perverts!…
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Woman on top of man | black white photography | Lexi Sylver

Position of the Week: The Sneaky Sidereel

Welcome back, sexy readers. Just in…
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Position of the Week: The Infinite Ride

Welcome back, sexy readers. Today…
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Sex Position: The V-Sit Pump

Try out this spicy sex…
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Position of the Week: Crouching Tigress

Hi all… have a sexy…
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