Encore Open Relationships and The Swinging Lifestyle

Encore: Open Relationships and The Swinging Lifestyle

Welcome back to my playground,…
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Lexi Sylver Mating Season How to Write Erotica SDC Podcast

Erotic Stories and How to Write Them

To celebrate the new release…
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Lexi Sylver Julieta Chiara SDC Podcast Self Pleasure and Better Sex

Self-Pleasure and Better Sex

Happy Masturbation May…. or Maysturbation,…
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Lexi Sylver Erotica SDC presents Seek Discover Create Podcast

Erotic Literature: Sex, Taboos and Empowerment

I’ve just released my collection…
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Lexi Sylver Dr. Jess Marla Stewart the art of seduction SDC Podcast

How to Seduce Your Lover

What is seduction really all…
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Lexi Sylver Strap Ons, Threesomes, pegging, and more SDC Podcast

Strap-On Sex: Threesomes, Pegging, and More

Toys, anal, and unicorns, anyone?…
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How to Feel Sexy in Self-isolation Lexi Sylver Corona Virus

How to Feel Sexy in Self-Isolation

As Coronavirus (COVID-19) sweeps the…
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How to Last Longer During Sex

How can you last longer…
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Desire Mapping and the Power of Sex Stories

What does “just sex” really…
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ENCORE: 2019 in Review: Best of Swinging, Hotwifing and Open Relationships

This episode features highlights from…
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