The Tight Squeeze

How to do it: In this variation of man-on-top, she lies on her back with her legs straight up in the air, crossed at the ankle, while he kneels in front of her and drives it home.

Why it’s hot: Crossing her ankles makes for a tighter squeeze between her legs for you, while the friction against her hot spots during motion is amazing for her.

Kink it up: Do it with a mirror on the side so you can watch yourselves enjoy the action (come on, we all have a desire to be voyeurs of our own sexcapades!)

For him: To arrange the angle of penetration, hoist her butt onto a pillow or two until she’s comfortable. Hold onto her hips and legs while you pump away, kneeling in front of her, while kissing/licking her calves/ankles (surprisingly sensitive!).

For her: Have him watch you suck on his fingers as he thrusts away. Also, since your legs are going to be right up in the air, it wouldn’t be a bad thing to adorn them with some sexy shoes and/or fishnet stockings…

If you have a sexy position you want to share with us, let me know.

Have a sexy week!  See you Wednesday for my newest story.