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What it is: A tantric and voyeuristic face-to-face bump and grind that slowly builds up your bliss while giving you an eyeful.

How to do it:  Sit down facing each other with your legs spread and pelvises aligned.  Drape one bent leg over his thigh on one side, while letting him drape one of his legs over the opposite thigh.  (You each have one leg under and one leg on top of  each other’s opposite sides so you are interlocking.)  Your weight will be resting on your palms in back of you, and on your feet in back of your partner as you slowly slide your hips together.  Basically you are in a outward V position where the crux consists of your hips moving together.  (n.b. The “Tarantula” part refers to the collective configuration of your eight limbs…)

Why it’s hot: Not only are you able to watch each other’s ecstatic expressions AND the joining of your loins, the slow tempo of your bump and grind is both sultry and tantric… a great way to gradually build up each other’s pleasure.  You can also come in closer and rock your hips while wrapping your arms around each other to increase your intimacy.

How to kink it up:
For her: Since your legs are already intertwined, you can sling the leg that’s on top of his over his shoulder instead, allowing for deeper and closer stimulation.

For him: Slowly rub her nipples and clit while moving together.  You can also lift her hips slightly above yours so that you can push into her from below.  You can also alternate between man-on-top with your legs still intertwined, and then bringing her back up again into a sitting up position.

Have a sexy evening, and see you Wednesday for your fill of my latest erotic short.
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