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What it is: a surefire way for him to stimulate both your G-spot and your clitoris while he gets a nice, tight squeeze.

How to do it: Lie on your side while he kneels behind your butt, pushing one of his knees between your thighs while aligning his pelvis to penetrate you, while leaning forward slightly over you.  While he thrusts, he’ll place a hand on your back for leverage.  All you have to do is lie there and relax as the friction stimulates both of your hot spots simultaneously with each thrust.

Why it’s hot: He can watch you moan with pleasure from his position above you, and alternate his speed .  He can also fondle your breasts with his free hand.  Plus, since one of his legs is between yours, there is constant contact with each other, which makes it intimate, but the angle is tight for him while rubbing against your G-spot and clit.  Everybody wins!

How to kink it up: If she’s game for a little light bondage, you can tie her arms up against the bedpost above her head.  Since you’re taking control in this position, you can bring it up to the next level while you please her.  Handcuffs aren’t necessary, but you can use an old scarf or tie to ease the transition if she’s feeling ambivalent about it.  Or prop up a mirror at an angle where both of you are able to watch the action (unless you happen to have a camera handy… just make sure you properly label and hide the videos later).

Have a sexy weekend!  See you Wednesday for my latest short story.