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What it is:
A subtle variation on doggy-style that gives him control and depth while hitting the perfect angle for her G-spot.

How to do it:
Have her lie on her belly with her butt towards the edge of the bed (or equally comfortable horizontal surface) with her legs spread comfortably (or as far as she can go).  You thrust into her while standing between her legs from behind, while keeping her legs lifted just a little bit above her ass, so you achieve a blissful downward angle of penetration.  Usually works best with a pillow under her belly to lift up her pelvis at a better angle.

Why it’s hot:
You get a great view of the slope of her ass, and feel like a total stud by driving it home and hearing her moans of delight.  She’ll love it because it gets her nice and deep and in the right O! spot.

How to kink it up:
Instead of grabbing her legs, grab her hips instead, and have her wrap her calves around you from behind, crossing them at the ankle, to keep you closer.  Or, have her kneel at the edge with her legs spread as far apart as she can, and grab onto her hips as you move into her.  In this position you can also work with her clit and nipples, which you may not be able to access with her body pressed against the mattress.

If she’s down for some of the dirty,  spread her cheeks and use a little lube or spit to play with her other rear entry… you don’t need to penetrate, just rub in gentle circles and see how she feels.  She’s very spread out in this position and more accessible.  If she’s not squeamish, lube up properly and slide in slowly, one finger at a time.  If she’s already into anal, you can give her a little double penetration using one of her vibrators (or simply use your imagination).

(Hygiene note: DO NOT touch anything after until you’ve thoroughly washed your hands and/or toys!)

Have a risqué evening!  Don’t forget to check back Wed for the latest of my erotic shorts.