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What it is:
A standing up, rear-entry position that allows her to control the angle and depth of penetration… and is purr-fect for the shower.

How to do it:
Come up behind her as she stands on a slightly upraised platform (e.g. a footrest, the sides of the tub, etc.), legs spread far apart and knees bent (between a 45 and 90 degree angle), arms supported on her thighs or on a wall in front of her.  Depending on your height difference, you will need to arrange her leverage so that your pelvises are aligned when her knees are bent.  You can secure her body close to you while she bounces up and down on her knees to meet your upwards thrusts.  She can position her hips as she pleases to control the angle of penetration.

Why it’s hot:
Not only is this a great way to exercise your legs, but you’re both working together, in rhythm, to find your optimal depth and angle.  This works her G-spot and leaves room for your hands to roam over her, or for her to slide a hand between her legs and tug on your package.  Plus, it’s a novel feeling and angle, different than riding backwards or simply having sex standing up.

How to kink it up:
Watching hot water course over her back and between you only doubles the fun, of course!  You can also do this position while standing up just about anywhere, OR you can do this on your knees (or kneeling on a pillow or other surface) with her crouching at the head or foot of the bed (or anywhere, really).  If not in the shower, try to incorporate a little fantasy dress-up where easy access is only a lift of her dress (or skirt) away… Kinky high heels will help raise her up above you too, and you can sit on the edge of the couch and raise your upwards hips to meet hers.

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