Welcome back, everyone!  Thanks for tuning in to the latest Position of the Week… a titillating move to add to your sexual repertoire.  Read it here, or on my website!

The O-Zone Flip

What it is:
a gravity-defying sexperimental position, where you deliver the meat with her angled upside-down and hanging from your lap, while watching yourself disappear into her Venus Fly-Trap.

How to do it:
Sit down at the edge of a bed or couch with her facing you, her legs spread and her feet on either side of your pelvis.  Secure her hips to you as she leans down, until her shoulders are touching the floor (or until her hands are planted firmly on the floor).  Loop your arms around her legs as you drive into her, or have her wrap them around your waist in back of you to create a tighter space.   For more comfort for her, have her lie on the floor with a pillow under her head and shoulders.

Why it’s hot:
Aside from the novel and sexy view, her helplessness is very hot, making you want to pack more punch with each pump.  She can also use her hands to stimulate herself while you do the dirty work, or of course, you can do it for her.   If you can, prop up a mirror so she can watch what’s going on from above while she’s writhing down below.

How to kink it up:
Try alternating between girl-on-top and the O-Zone flip.  Lift her up off the ground at certain intervals to even up the balance of power, so that you each get a turn dominating the other.  Bring her back down slowly to ease the transition so the blood won’t rush to her head so quickly and she can focus on the pleasure of shift changes.  For bondage fans, try tying her hands together, leaving enough rope, scarf, tie, or whatever you’re using to ease her up during these transitions.  If you really want a wild ride, lean back and lift her up every few thrusts to achieve a tug-of-war effect and compete to see who can make the other person come first!

Have a sexy weekend, and see you Wednesday for my latest erotic short story!