Hi again!  Here’s yet another Position of the Week!  Read it below, or take a peek and read it on my website!

What it is:
An intimate, skin-to-skin variation of missionary that rubs her just the right way.

How to do it:
Instead of standard missionary, move up her body a few inches, and straddle her legs on the outside instead of getting between them.  Hold her body against you and lie flat against her.  Have her tilt her hips up and down in sync with you.  Once you’re inside her, have her press her thighs together to create a tighter space for you, and so that every movement rubs against her clit.  You can try using a pillow under her butt to elevate her and ease deeper penetration.  Alternate between thrusting in and out and rolling your pelvis in circles to change the rhythm.

Why it’s hot:
It’s intimate, and really makes you feel the heat of skin-to-skin contact since there is so much friction.  As you move together at a slower pace, you can kiss each other, bite each other’s necks, whisper dirty little things… The tight squeeze for you, and the clitoral stimulation for her, are enough reasons to try it out immediately!

How to kink it up:
To get a bit deeper, have her spread her thighs further apart and wrap her ankles around your calves while grabbing onto your ass.  As an extra challenge, maintain your position and just roll her on top of you with her legs still pressed together.  Have her push into the bed/floor/(horizontal surface of choice) with her toes and with her arms above your head as she grinds her hips into you (moving in a back and forth motion).  Help her out by raising your hips up slightly more to meet hers as she rocks against you.

Blast some music that makes you get riled up, and enjoy the ride! 😉

See you Wednesday for my next short erotic story!  If you haven’t already had a chance, take a look at my last story, Fantasy in Motion.