Another Sunday, another Position of the Week!  Read it here or directly on my website.

What it is: a smokin’ rear-entry position that pushes allll of her buttons at once.

How to do it:
Simply have her stand up in front of you and bend so she can place her hands on the floor in front of her.  She doesn’t have to have her legs entirely straight if she’s not flexible enough (she can keep her knees slightly bent), so long as she can plant her hands down by her feet.  If she’s not tall enough for this, have her keep her heels on.  Align your hips with hers right behind her, wrap your arms around her waist to keep her steady, then insert, thrust, repeat.

Why it’s hot:
Unlike regular doggy-style, having her bend over increases the stimulation to her g-spot because the angle forces you to thrust downward into her.  With her butt raised up high in the air, the penetration will also stimulate her clit from the inside.  The view is superbly hot, which will sate at least some of your voyeuristic fantasies (temporarily of course).  Plus, you get to take over the reins of control and watch her body quiver each time you dive into her, making you feel like the King doing naughty things to his chambermaid.

How to kink it up:
Since she doesn’t have her hands free, and your arms are wrapped around her waist, slide your hand down and play with her clit from the outside.  The feeling of having all of her hot spots fired up at the same time will make her swoon, so keep a steady grip on her body.  Try giving her a few spanks on those flanks, and happily watch your handprints appear on her skin.  If she permits, lube up your fingers and circle around the rim, since her ass is already exposed and primed for it.  If rear-end penetration is okay with her, push in with your finger(s) at the same pace as your hip thrusts.  With most of her nerve endings exhilarated simultaneously, satisfaction should be guaranteed!

See you Wednesday for my newest short erotic story!  Have a fiery night…