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Position of the Week: The Slip ‘N Slide Split

September 6, 2009

Lexual people, welcome back!  Give this position a try tonight for some serious fireworks!

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What it is:
A creative alternative to Reverse Cowgirl that lets him get super deep inside you, while stimulating all of your hot spots at once.

How to do it:
Like in Reverse Cowgirl, straddle his body backwards with him lying down and his legs slightly spread.  Instead of planting your knees on either side of him, stretch one of your legs forward between his, with the back of your leg pressed as firmly as possible against the mattress/surface.  Slide your other leg back as far as it can go,  resting your weight on your knee, which is straddling the side of his body.  You should look like you are in a half split, legs spread out while you are mostly straddling his thigh.  Grind or rock yourself on him by moving your hips, shifting your weight from your knee and the ball of your extended foot.  Position yourself however you need to feel him rub against your G-spot– try leaning forward a bit by grabbing his calves, or lean back closer to him and have him help you lift up your pelvis.

Why it’s hot:
Not only are you giving him a sassy show, but in this split position you can get him intensely deep inside of you while stimulating your g-spot and your clit at the same time.  He’ll love it because of the mouthwatering view and how enveloped he feels within you.  By alternating between grinding on him and having him raise his hips up rhythmically, you can achieve sensuality and intimacy without sacrificing the down-and-dirty pleasure.

How to kink it up:
Depending on your flexibility, you can go much further with this move.  If you can, lean forward on your extended leg until you are draped over it, and get him to push into you from below.  And/or attempt to bring the leg in back of you over his body and shoulder instead of near his side for extra skin-to-skin contact, serious depth and practice for your next yoga class.  You can also try leaning back on him while still in the split position, and have him secure your body and move up into you while you lie spread out over him.  Push the limits of your flexibility, and you’ll be more than glad you tried.  Just maybe try some stretching first!

Have a sexy evening, and don’t forget to check back Wednesday for my newest short erotic story!



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