Hi everyone!  Since today is Sunday and the start of the NFL (National Football League) season, I have come up with a sexy and aggressive position for all of you to try tonight (or, right now)!  Enjoy.  Check it out here or on my website.

What it is:
A surefire way to work out those arms and legs, while treating her to a damsel-in-distress style ride that will make her scream.

How to do it:
Standing up, lift her so that her ankles wind loosely around your waist with her hands also limp around your neck so that her body is angled a bit away from you.  Bend your knees at close to a 45 degree angle, and support your back against the wall (unless you have the strength to do it in midair), leaving just a bit of space for her legs.  Grab her hips as you pump into her– since she’s got her ankles locked around you instead of her legs, there should be space for you to slide in and out deeply and quickly.

Why it’s hot:
Since you’re taking over most of the control, you get to watch all the action, including her ecstatic expressions.  This position is perfect for right when you get back to her apartment to show her how what she’s really been missing.  Plus she’s wide open for G-spot access, and at her angle, she can enjoy friction against her clit, too.

How to kink it up:
Instead of having her clasp onto your neck, get her to support her weight on your thighs (or a piece of furniture at equal height, or the wall in back of her if space permits) so that she is mostly horizontal, with her ankles locked around your neck.  With her hips anchored to yours, you can grab her pelvis or torso and pull her back and forth over your cock as fast, deep and thoroughly.  This will be easier if she plants her feet against the wall in back of you for extra leverage instead of locking them around your neck.  With her properly secured, get her to try to swivel her hips into you to match each of your thrusts for a dual-action movement that is a winner for both of you!

See you Wednesday for my latest short erotic story.

Have a sultry rest of your weekend,