It’s Friday again, so time for a new Top 10!  Read it here or directly on my website.

This one’s for G.A.B., D.E.M., D.D.P., V.Y., M.N., R.B.F. & K.D.

10. That hole was wide enough to run a train through it!

9. He only has ten seconds to get it off before the two-minute warning.

8. A big hole opens up, and he rushes for the sack…

7. They pounded him so hard, he can’t even walk off the field.

6. That’s going to be an illegal use of hands on the play…

5. They drive it hard and deep, and he grabs a long one with one hand!

4. He blew them all off at the line and slid it into the end zone.

3. There’s penetration in the backfield, and he loses it!

2. The pigskin slips through the uprights, and it’s good!

1. He… could… go… ALL… THE… WAY!!!

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