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What it is:
A creative twist to girl-on-top that makes for a slow bump ‘n grind.

How to do it:
Straddle your man with him lying down and his knees bent.  Facing him, plant your feet on either side of his head and lean back against his legs, almost like you’re in an armchair.  When his pelvis rises up as he thrusts into you, roll your hips into him.

Why it’s hot:

His hands will be free to stroke your clit and play with your breasts while he stimulates your G-spot with this move.  Plus, he gets to watch your sexy expressions as he drives you down the hedonistic highway.  You can literally lie back and enjoy the ride.

How to kink it up:
Give him a little show and grab your breasts, rubbing your clit in motion.  You know what you like, so start off by pleasuring yourself, and have him finish off the job.  You can also try lifting your body off him slightly by keeping your hands on his knees, and have him grab your butt from underneath to hold you up off of him, so he can plunge deeper and use some longer strokes.  Prop up a mirror so you can watch, too!